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Xperia Go: Headphone jack problem

One time poster
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Re: Xperia Go: Headphone jack problem

Thanks for this tip! I had a look with a torch and probed with a paperclip and found that the little o-ring seal from the port's cap was lodged deep in the jack. This explains why the cap stopped working as well. Too bad I ripped it off and threw it away a few weeks ago! At least my headphones work again :-)




One time poster
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Re: Xperia Go: Headphone jack problem

Since no one seem to be providing any working solutions, don't know if its allowed on this thread but u can try the following(this will void your warranty if i'm not mistaken, but that is if u are into all that mumbo jumbo)


Did this on my sony xperia go.

1) I had the same problem on my xperia go (st271i), was using (stock rom)/firmware/build number 6.2.A.1.100_CE (android version 4.1.2 - Jelly Bean) when problem started. Here is what i did, i flashed the phone(Using flashtool) with (stock rom)/firmware ST27i_6.1.1.B.1.54_CE (android ver. 4.0.4 - Ice Cream Sandwich) and tested out the headphone jack and behold the jack was working as fine as can be.

2) But i like using my android 4.1.2 jelly bean (so used to it), so i flashed the phone again replacing the Ice Cream Sandwich to put back Jelly Bean. After that, when i tested the headphone jack, it was not working!! Hmmm baffling. So I downloaded the SoundAbout app from the playstore, and selected audio output from wired headphones for media, and now i can listen to music with my headphones on my Jelly Bean.

Now there are issues with SoundAbout like when u plug out the headphones, the app will still be configured to produce sound via the headphones and nothing gets played through the internal speakers as long as the app is running and is configured to play audio output from wired headphones.

a) U can change the audio output configuration to speaker when plug out headphones manually and do the reverse(change config to wired headphones) when u plug in the headphones. There is no denying how tedious this could be. OR to avoid constant changing u can just stop the app from running when plug out headphones but u will have to turn the app on when u need to plug in the headphones. Again still tedious.

b) This brings us to Tasker  (u can download from playstore), an app u can configure to automatically shut/stop/terminate SoundAbout when u plug out the headphones and can automaticaly turn back on the app whenever u plug in the headphones. (Can't remember if rooting is required for this action, i have rooted my phone, check how to below if required).

  • For tasker tutorials for those just starting to use the app/beginners, check out this link.


So i came to a conclusion, my headphone jack was fine and it must be some software/firmware problem that people at Sony need to address. Coz why does one have go to all this trouble.

Anyway hope this helps guys and works 4 u, it is working 4 me!!


How to flash phone using flashtool

a) Download flashtool here

b) Download custom firmware for sony xperia (choose one specific to your phone) here

c) Get Tutorial here

d) Video tutorial here


How to root sony xperia go if required when using tasker

U need flashtool downloaded from link above

  • Get video tutorial for how to root here

When successfully done you will see the Superuser app or the SuperSU app in application list/menu.


Any questions just holla with reply option.