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Xperia Arc Camera Image Quality

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Re: Xperia Arc Camera Image Quality

Hi. Contrary to your results, since uprading my xperia neo to 2.3.4, the image quality has got much better. It took great photo's of a kasabian concert and then also took a good shot indoor no flash during christmas. Can send samples if you like. They're not perfect but they're on a par with what my compact can do with flash switched off.

The night mode got me a great glow effect but has a very slow shutter speed so it won't be sharp.

Before this update I got rubbish image quality, enough to make me look for forums on how to improve it however it may be changing settings that's got me to where I am now. Particularly image stabilisation to OFF.

Settings I use: Oddly they seem somewhat weird.

6MP - 16:9

Flash Off

Scenes Off

Capturing Mode Normal

Metering Spot

Foucsing - Either single auto focus or infinity (using this in low light for distant shots like concerts results in better photo's, doesn't focus on smoke, and stops the bright focus light), as the lens focus doesn't go that far, infinity is fine for most shots apart from closeups.

IMAGE STABILISER - OFF - Most crucial setting. It doesn't appear to have hardware stabilisation so all that happens if you leave it on is TOO HIGH ISO! I was shocked to see it picked ISO 10,000 on some shots. That'll look iffy on a top spec SLR, unuseable on a compact, and on a phone well its rubbish! Turn it off, hold it steady (not that hard) and it'll pick something more sensible (400-1000) which dramatically reduces noise and increases sharpness in low light.

Geotagging - Off.

Images are still a bit soft but for a phone now surpass Nokia N95/X6, sony K800 (unless xenon flash used), and easily HTC desire. The colours are very natural and look same as my panasonic compact. 

I don't think SE read this forum, but if we wrote a letter with a link to this forum perhaps they would?

For a midrange £15/month phone my neo camera is now good and certainly impresses others with comments, like did you really take that on a phone. If you've paid more for arc then perhaps a few more settings should be included. Sharpness/compression/ISO etc.

Certainly on a recent gadget show review the new arc S came 3rd to last on camera/video quality.

The sensors good so a shame sony doesn't try and make it the camera to have. Would be a unique selling point amoungst lots of similar offerings.

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Re: Xperia Arc Camera Image Quality

Just to add 1 more complain about the xperia Arc camera.. that the noise reduction is too aggressive, resulting in lost of details, even in good light.

Perhaps SE could have a user option to set the desired amt of noise reduction. Of coz as default they can set whatever they want, and for user who just wanna shoot w/o bothering how the camera works, But it is always good to HAVE AN OPTION for the photographers to set for the best picture quality..

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Re: Xperia Arc Camera Image Quality

I have 2.3.4 and really happy with image quality. everybody says it is excellent for a smartphone to take pictures in a high quality.

we can not avoid different qualities in different locations with low lights. I use the normal settings and only changed the resolution to 8MP. :smileywink:

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Re: Xperia Arc Camera Image Quality

Well, I've tried every scene, auto mode, scene recognition, white balance and EV control, and I definitely can see a difference as opossed to the quality in previous firmwares... Also, I clean up the lense before I take a picture, to make sure the sensor pics up a clean source.

I think this problem is related to Arc/Arc S only, dont know about the Neo, but you can see that Im not alone in this, also, you can browse the official Arc thread at Esato and you'll see the same complains, even with samples.

Im sure if SE checks the parameters in previous versions for Arc/Arc S they'll see what I mean.. also, I think they could improve quality, as posted previously, by tweaking the noise reduction algorithm.

I sincerely hope this issue gets resolved, since its the only downside to an otherwise excellent phone.  Kind of ironic, since it is marketed as a great camera phone, and it truly is, hardware wise...

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Re: Xperia Arc Camera Image Quality

nope dude this problem is related to all the xperia phones  ... which is sad sad

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Re: Xperia Arc Camera Image Quality

Sad indeed, and i dont get it... My previous phone was the X10, with the 2.3.3 update, the phone improved its quality, night mode was nice, for example. The problem with that model was lagginess, and the fact that the camera interface didnt even include auto flash.

But i dont know why a phone which is ment to be the successor of the X10 can fail in the very department where it should be clearly superior.

For clarity sake, I'll try and enumerate my observations regarding camera quality in 2.3.4 (4.0.2.A.42 build):

-Excesive noise reduction

-Lower DPI than third party cameras (Vignette creates pictures with 96 DPI while stock camera app creates them with 72 DPI)

-Decrease in sharpness and saturation regarding v. 2.3.3

-Increased ISO selection (Even with Image Stabilization OFF, ISO seems to be picked in the order of 400+ in mid to low illuminated scenes.

-Night mode  (Night Landscape) not getting enough exposure time, resulting in darker pictures.

-Some overexposure in shots with auto flash. (Setting EV to -0.7/1.0 gets somewhat better pictures in some cases).

-Yellow tint sometimes overtakes pictures under certain lighting circumstances (warm flourescent lights, for example... I think the camera would benefit with a bit of blue color correction).


-Create a menu to select picture quality (Standard/Fine/Superfine) which selects a less agressive noise reduction algorithm progressively. (This could be in Standard PQ by default).

-Up the DPI count in pictures to at least 96 (I had a Nokia once that took pictures with 100+ DPI).

-Increase exposure a bit in Night landscape mode.


-NOTE: Ive used Camera Zoom and Vignette, however, the SE stock camera app beats both of them in terms of usability.  While using those 3rd party apps, i was able to confirm that writing time of a file up to 4 MB took not much additional time, from the 600-800Kb produced by the stock app, so, I think we could discard speed issues if bigger pictures are produced by the camera app.

Also, I think most users would happily trade some (negligible) saving speed for better, less compressed pictures.

Finally: I really love this phone, coming from an X10 I can tell you this phone is superior in every aspect, from screen quality to responsiveness, this phone rocks... I hope SE gives us a more balanced camera driver and this could be anyone's dream phone, truly.

I sincerely think that if these issues are addressed, Arc/Arc S would become one, if not the best camera phone currently on the market... Lets do it, SE!!!

Thanks for reading.

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Re: Xperia Arc Camera Image Quality

Hi. Think my standard neo and arc/arc S have same camera and run same version of android. Neo V is different. Only difference between neo and arc is screen size, and quality of case.

I think you may be onto something with DPI. How does this differ to resolution?

I do notice that mine is also taking pictures at 72DPI (72x + 72y) whilst my panasonic camera and a few previous digital cameras were using 180DPI. 72DPI is certainly a lot less!!

Does a lower DPI equal lower resolution. I'd say my phone camera was taking about 2-3MP quality images. Look fine zoomed out but zoom in a little or look for detail and its not there. Certainly not 8MP. And the DPI is the same as an old 3MP panasonic FZ3 I used to own and the 3.2MP sony K800i. Is this really an 8MP sensor??? On what grounds can it actually be called 8MP. It says it takes it in 4320x3240 which is 8MP but File size is smaller (about the same as 3MP), camera quality is about 3MP, and DPI is about 3MP??

Want proof? Take a pic at 8MP, 6MP, 5MP, 2MP and compare. Very little difference!!

It would be good if we could seriously reduce noise reduction and use neat image or similar to apply it (far more effective).This would be rubbish for mass appeal so would need to be an extra option.

The small lens probably means a highish ISO is needed. Mine was rubbish on 2.3.2, borderline acceptable on 2.3.3, and much better on 2.3.4 and now pretty good for a camera phone but miles off perfect. Its odd how some are getting better quality after update and others are getting worse quality. 2.3.4 is however rubbish with flash on. Far worse than previous firmware. Odd.  I get much better results with LED flash off. Flash on = yellow image and more noise.

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Re: Xperia Arc Camera Image Quality

I previously had the Aino. It took great pictures. The Arc? - rubbish pictures.

I just took two photos with the Arc on 8mp:

1. setting Auto Scene. size 971,796

2. setting Normal. size 1,147,430

The quality is so poor, that if you want to crop the photo, well lets just say that you shouldn't bother. You would get a better result from a 2mp camera.

I used to describe my Aino as a digital camera with a mobile phone. Not so with the Arc!

I base my decision to purchase SE because of the high quality camera. I am very disappointed!!!

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Re: Xperia Arc Camera Image Quality

I agree with xleith all the way

even if the majority has no problem with the arc camera now,

being indefferent to the potential which this device holds is not good as i see

i dont know how many of you can agree with this issue

i compared my xperia arc with my friend's samsung galaxy s2.

before we got out shooting together, i was proud of my ExmoR sensor and the 8MP

to compare the camera, we took a picture of an article , the print was probobly in a newspaper font

size. (sorry; dont have the picture now) a meter away.

i tried to zooming in and i saw lots of blurs and muldges

as compared to his GS2(galaxy S2) it was super clear and fine.

quite disappointed am i, I told him then, "my xperia makes the best night shots !"

and of course , we tried it again. boom" they were almost simillar, so well, I got beaten;;

after knowing that this was all because of the compression, now all i can do is to wait for the

fix which i hope it is done in the new upcoming (ICS).

i've been looking at threads made by the sony about the camera app,

they say it is more advanced than the other camera apps and the stock google camera app,

but i cant set my image quality and ISO ratio and the size available is only 2MP 6MP and 8MP

I just hope this can be improved to be fit for the best camera phone award which was already given.


to SE team

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Re: Xperia Arc Camera Image Quality

I've got the latest firmware and can confirm that my photo quality has not improved over the previous one. Will be interesting to see what happens when sony upgrade this range to ice cream sandwich next year.

I was comparing the results of my neo with my dads 5MP HTC desire and am somewhat disappointed. They seem very similar. And the desire has much more manual options and a better flash. Xperia seems a bit better in the colours.

I'd like to have ISO setting or limit option for instance as in low light my xperia is taking pictures at ISO 1250-1600. It does this to get a shutter speed that minimises the risk of camera blur/shake but I'd like to have the option to drop to 400 and hold still for a less noisy shot.

Any 3rd party application have this function??

Also in good light far seems to be far too susceptible to lens flare.

It is thin I'll give it that but my friends galaxy 2 is in a different league when it comes to camera quality. Average-reasonable is the best I can give the xperia range, and thats disappointing given the fancy sensor and 8megapixels.

I'm pretty sure the hardware doesn't support manual options as these are not available in even 3rd party apps yet these settings are available if I download a different app to my google nexus one.