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Z5 Premium not turning on

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Message 1 of 2

Z5 Premium not turning on

hello everyone,


My z5 premium was working fine.. battery was charged too, and suddenly it turned off, and it didn't turn on back again. I've tried all the different ways and solutions that should turn it back on:

hard reset  didn't work

2 minutes hard reset didn't work

hard reset button didn't work

plugged it in using it's OEM charger and usb cable didn't work either and LED didn't lit up

plugged it in to the computer nothing happened, wasn't detected with no sign of life

I had to take off it's battery cover (using professional tools) unplugged the battery, connected the phone to the charger while the battery is unplugged, and nothing happened reconnected the battery back, and plugged the phone again to it's wall charger, and no sign of life.

i left it there all night long since the afternoon. and when i came back in the next morning to check if the phone is charging and the LED is lit up, but again NO SIGN OF LIFE!

(BTW, the phone is in mint condition and it was never been disassembled or repaired)


Please if anyone have an idea what this could be?

if anyone has encountered the same problem and went through the same of what I've been, and was able to repair it or find a solution PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

Now, I'm thinking of 2 things: either the battery is completely dead(damaged) or it's the mainboard which I don't hope to be.  



Now, forget about any sort of software repair, as I explained above, the phone didn't succeed in that.

So, any help or suggestion would be so much appreciated.


Thank you all for taking time in reading and participating in this topic.


Have a good day.





One time poster
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Message 2 of 2

Re: Z5 Premium not turning on

Вчера случилась такаяже ситуация у. Утебя за месяц получилось запустить свой телефон

Yesterday there was a similar situation. In a month, you managed to launch your phone