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Z5 Premium Dual battery drain after 32.2.A.5.11

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Z5 Premium Dual battery drain after 32.2.A.5.11

Screenshot_20170104-113329.pngHello all,

After update my firmware to 32.2.A.5.11, I notice that my battery usage draining itself despite of the mobile in sleep mode.

no apps in background, no bluetooth no wifi, but still draining as you can see in the screenshot.

I tried last night to put the mobile under ultra stamina mode during the whole night but the usage droped from 69% to 63% in 6 hours. it wasn't like that before.

The heat issue also returned.


The update before 32.2.A.5.11 (unfortunately I can't remember the number) was perfect it recovered the heat issue and battery performance too, but after the mentioned update all thing being worse than the original firmware.


Please help, and inform us when the nougat will release for Z5, it might helps.

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Re: Z5 Premium Dual battery drain after 32.2.A.5.11

Clear the System Cache. While the phone is on, Press and hold volume up and power, until it vibrates, the screen should turn off, and the phone too. From here you can charge to 100% or turn it back on and charge to 100%. Once it reaches full charge, let the phone fully discharge and turn itself off. Hopefully this may recalibrate your battery.
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Re: Z5 Premium Dual battery drain after 32.2.A.5.11

to consider a battery drain it must happen continually in a span of days.


try to charge your device to full to reset the battery graph, and then observe the device again, as far as I know that the update you got is just a security patch for december, so it should not affect device performance.


there is still no news for nougat for z5. as the nougat is still rolling on for the latest xperia phones

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Battery draining Xperia Z5

Hi, can anybody help. Suddenly today my Z5 has started to lose battery drastically, every few minutes losing 1%. Just typing this I have lost another %. The strange thing is my wife phone also a Z5 has started doing the exact same thing today.
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Re: Battery draining Xperia Z5



test the phone in safe mode


also check 


settings> about phone > diagnostics > status > signal strength > what do you see?

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