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Z5 E6653 32.3.A.0.376 Update Rolling Out

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Message 61 of 90

Re: Is the New Nougat update worth downloading? Please help


It is .376 what I updated to. My Z5C feels the best it has ever been(so far).

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Nougat Issues

Hello guys


Updated to Nougat (Customised UK) .376 yesterday and the experience has been pretty good so far, except a few bugs that are being reported, i thought I’d address them too and hope for a fix update as soon as possible.


Issues that I’ve experienced so far:

1, Speaker volume: The top speaker seems to have better bass and better highs being much louder than the bottom one that seems to be much more quiet and has more lows. Basically, the top is being much louder than before and the bottom one is being way too quiet not balancing the two.

2, Ringtone volume: When someone calls me, the ringtone volume start on max for about a second and (if 1 out of 10, 1 being low- 10 being highest) then it goes down to like 5-6 that i simply cannot hear it. It's really annoying. 

3, Alarms: Using the stock app, the alarm isn't as loud as it is used to be. Using the rating scale mentioned above in ringtone, the alarm is on like 6-7. I always have it on the loudest so it actually wakes me up, that's just me smile happy

4, After the update, I’ve checked if i have the issue where the other person wouldn't hear me during call. I had that issue for about half an hour after the update and than it was gone.


Improvements compared to Marshmallow 6.0.1

-I had about 2,5 hours of screen on time on marshmallow. I can now get between 3-4 hours depending on usage. (too early to report if this is going to get any better or worse as I’ve only used the phone on Nougat for a day yet)

-Fingerprint scanner is lighting fast. I had to recalibrate all of the fingerprints after the update as it only recognised one of my fingers but other than that, it's all good.

-Performance has gotten a lot better giving a butter smooth experience.

-Camera seems to be a little faster although i am still missing the shutter speed and an actual manual setting option! LISTEN UP SONY!

-The arrow that controls and drops down the volume levels for ringtone, alarms and notifications now actually appears and it shows it on the correct place. 

-The phone runs pretty cool after the update, i did not experience any major heat ups even under my usual load.


PS: Did not do a factory reset as it'd take me ages to restore everything back to normal and i did not find it necessary as other people reported similar issues. I have restarted the phone in safe mode and the issues still persisted.


I'll make sure to report back if i find any other issues.


Thanks for your attention.

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Message 63 of 90

Re: Nougat Issues

Would you recommend updating to .376? I'm customised UK. And I'm unsure whether to update it or wait out? What would you recommend?
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Message 64 of 90

Re: Nougat Issues

If you're fine with the issues I have mentioned above, I would definitely recommend it! The speaker is usable, but it could be annoying at times.

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Message 65 of 90

Re: Nougat Issues

Ah okay. I think I will do the update then. Thank you! Slightly smiling Face
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Message 66 of 90

32.3.a.0.376 build

Recently updated to this build. So far having to Major issues. 1 I keep getting boxes flash up on the screen( from the first 30 seconds of power up after update) seem to be notifications " amazon shopping has stopped" and other apps. Issue 2. This is my worst. The low battery notification SOUND has changed to my text alert tone, So far I have found NO way to change this. Anyone outthere thats had these issues or anyone that can help???? Yes I have tried pc companion. 


Also looking for a way to change the low battery percentage notification. Its goes at 30%, 20%, 15%, 10% then 5%. I would prefer if it only went on at 15% or below.

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Message 67 of 90

Feedback - upgraded my Z5 Compact to 7.0

Just a feedback. 


Upgraded my Z5 Compact to 7.0. (32.3.A.0.376) via Xperia Companion (phone connected to PC via USB cable, WiFi off).


I can not confirm any loudspeaker problems. The ring volume is fine, the same as in 6.0. A test call revealed that people have no problem hearing me and I have no problem hearing them, the volume is the same. When the phone starts to ring, it rings without any volume drop out after 1 second (as was reported), it will ring for 20 seconds as loud as I previously set it to ring.


Also, there is no difference between both loudspeakers. The bottom one sounds equally loud as the top one.


There is a Manual mode in the camera, as it used to be.


I did not perform any factory reset after upgrading.


But, I did not try to connect it to my car bia bluetooth yet, so I can not comment on that. 


The phone runs smoothly.



One time poster
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Message 68 of 90

Xperia Z5 compact with Android 7.0 Build 32.3.A.0.376 - a lot of issues

Hello Community and Sony Team,


I have a lot of problems with my Z5 compact after update to latest Android 7.0 Build 32.3.A.0.376.


- after update it was not possible to charge the phone -> it was totally empty and after approx. 4 hours connecting and disconnecting it was finally charging and now there is no issue any more

- flight mode becomes active sporadically without selecting it

- LED light (flash light) becomes active sporadically without selecting it

- Bluetooth becomes active sporadically without selecting it

- format of display layout changes sporadically without selecting it (from auto to portrait format)

- Android menu at top not functioning correct, e.g. it is not possible to enable/disable WLAN, Bluetooth, ... etc. on short menu and the date is not displayed anymore

- SMS (messages) are not visible, if it was send to numbers which are not in contact (adressbook)

- contact menu has bad color (pink?!?!)

- last calls / telephone menu has issues, sometimes wrong name and/or wrong pictures are shown

- video app was replaced by a bad version of Video & TV SideView (4.6.0), in this app it is not possible to skip video so that it shows the next video in folder

- display brightness fade out starts always with full power, so it the brightness is only low before and fade out starts, it flashes with full brightness


Can someone of the community help me to solve those issues, or better - Sony Team, please fix it.

It is realy a *bad and untested version...







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Message 69 of 90

Re: Z5 E6653 32.3.A.0.376 Update Rolling Out

In Stamina mode, system vibrations and some haptic feedback are still enabled. It's both annoying and drains battery. For example fingerprint sensor, notifications and long press on start screen still vibrate in Stamina (even with haptic feedback disabled in settings).
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Message 70 of 90

Z5C: Android 7, best update ever!!!

To balance out all the negative feedback on the Android 7 update, I want to share my positive experience.

I read all the problems that other people had and was very hesitant to do the upgrade. My phone worked almost perfect and I didn't want to ruin it.

I made a backup on my pc, and went ahead amd made the upgrade on-phone.. Hours later it was done and everything worked, no problems at all!

The best thing is, that starting the camera from sleep is now blazing fast!!!!

Battery usage is looow, even with the performance-stamina mode!!

I love this update!