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Z5 Dual Fingerprint Scanner Problems

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Message 11 of 14

Re: Z5 Dual Fingerprint Scanner Problems

My fingerprint sensor is not detecting anything.. Whenever I switch on the screen, the phone automatically vibrates and the sensor is locked. It also failed the diagnosis test
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Re: Z5 Dual Fingerprint Scanner Problems

I've found that when you go to register finger prints, slide your finger on to the button and leave it there for a bit, try and do it fairly slowly, but not too slow as it registers your print as you're sliding before your finger completely covers the scanner.

Start with the middle portion of your finger, and move with the length of the phone.....

I made/stole some pictures a picture.... to help explain....

With each scan, try and scan a section of your finger along side the part that you just did, until you get a majority of your finger.

Then repeat the scans in a way where you actually depress the power button, as a "pretending to unlock" and "scan my finger" movement.

Don't try scan your finger in the way I've shown below... or you could, but just use a similar way to register your fingerprint like I've shown in the example... but in my experience, sliding it up along the length is more of a fluid motion if you pick your phone up with your left hand and scan/slide a finger on your right hand up along the side until you hit/depress/cover the power button


Once the middle of your finger (where all the swirls on your print begin), reaches the middle of the power button, just pause for a moment, and let it register



**EDIT: Also if you have your phone in a jelly case, or any type of case for that matter, you decrease the surface area of your print scan, by going across the length, instead of along with it... which is more likely to cause mismatches

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Re: Z5 Dual Fingerprint Scanner Problems

I just received the Z5 Dual and there is no option to setup fingerprint under security settings, its just not there, where it should be. But when I go to apps I can see the fingerprint manager is there. Any ideas?... I did have to software repair my phone the day after I got it, because the pin unlock didnt unlock, but everything else had been ok since then, do you think I need to try a repair again?
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Message 14 of 14

Re: Z5 Dual Fingerprint Scanner Problems

Sony PC Companion doesn't work. Can never connect to the server for apps or updates. Downoaded the new Xperia Companion as well, same issue. added rule in the firewall, disabled it as well, but no luck.