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Xperia Z5 compact now a brick after google password reset

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Message 31 of 35

Re: Xperia Z5 compact now a brick.

@bobsmith wonderful news!

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Google's 72 hr lockout feature

Yesterday I updated OTA to marshmallow and had Google play services act up. I was told to use the Xperia companion to repair the issue, which effectively wiped the phone. A nuissance to be sure, but not the end of the world. In setting the phone back up, I forgot the Google password (I've only had to input it once setting up the phone months ago). Rather than trying to remember I chose to just change it on the account and set the phone up with the new one. Well a new security feature Google discreetly set up was to lock out that account with the password change for 72 hrs. Has anyone else experienced this? Anyone hear of a work around? I'm without a device for 3 days because Sony and Android couldn't get their act together.

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Re: Google's 72 hr lockout feature

this is security measure of all android devices not just sony's. its either you remember the last password you had or wait 72 hours as stated in the device before you made the wipe.


im not sure if it works but if you lock your phone via google device manager and unlock it again it might work, but then again you need your google account password for that matter, why dont you try to revover your previous account,.

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Re: Xperia Z5 compact now a brick after google password reset

@bobsmith I have exactly the same prob with my z5 compact. It's 3 months old Vodafone won't help as I didn't take insurance out. The phone did an update then wouldn't work so rebooted it with the Sony mobile thing and now won't accept my login details or password on the start up screen. If anyone knows how to completely reboot it to as it was when 1st got it I would be over the moon as tried all the options now. Many thank micro
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Re: Xperia Z5 compact now a brick after google password reset

Locked out of my phone after trying to fix an issue with bluetooth disconnects (new phone from Sony) Sony tech support sent me a proceedure to reinstall the software....  Just what I love to do..... Fix a brand new phone.  


After wiping the phone and attempting to set it up again I was unable to complete a login.  I kept getting a meassage about the phone had been reset and I needed to log in as one of the users associated with the account.  After tripple checking my 

google login and pass.  I changed it.  

After fighting with it for a couple of hours I CALLED Sony tech support... That was a complete waist of 1.5 hours.  Other than learning it might work in 72 hours....  REALLY !


Found the answer on youtube under GSM 101 channel under :  

Bypass Google Account FRP Sony Xperia Z5 , X, XA , Android 6.0.1 Latest Method July 2016


Worked like a charm.   

How to bypass Google Account Factory Reset Protection on Sony devices Xperia Z5 , X, XA This is the newest Method Any Questions here my Personal Fb LINKS Bypass application download link: If you like this video and it has helped you then