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Xperia Z5 Compact not support VULKAN on Android 7

Message 31 of 37
Message 31 of 37

Re: Xperia Z5 Compact not support VULKAN on Android 7

Seems that Sony die hard fand are those who don't understand. And your lack of objetivity is the problem. Drivers exist, 6p already have OFFICIAL drivers.
And you tell me that a single man can port it to work on our z5, and even OTHER snapdragons, (see xda forum) and a entire development team of Sony not?
They could simply ask for permission to implemen the already existing drivers.
Wake up, the only reason we dont have them, its becuse they want you buy new phone
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Message 32 of 37

Re: Xperia Z5 Compact not support VULKAN on Android 7

First I thought SONY hasn't released the driver but it's Qualcomm fault regarding to this post,

there is MSM8996 in the list, but no MSM8994.

anyways I think SONY should force them in some ways Grinning Face with smiling Eyes.

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Message 33 of 37

Additional features request

Dear Sony Xperia you are bestest company in world. I have used Sony phones since 3year and I believe that you doings well but why people not purchase Sony phones I don't understand maybe only some people have sense to know quality of diamond and you are diamond company. dear Sony I have one question that why you are not add vulkan ap isupport in Android n in Sony z5. vulkan website also show that vulkan support s810 processer and Sony z5 have s810 processer so please add vulkan support please please.... I expected much but you can do it please please. Add vulkan please.
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Message 34 of 37

Re: Additional features request


"I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not." Kurt Cobain (1967-1994)

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Message 35 of 37

Re: Additional features request

This is going nowhere:

1) The fact a guy backported a driver doesn't entitle Sony to get certification from Google to release their Nougat OS to Sony devices. - Drivers need to be properly signed.

2) If Sony decide to go on without Google certification, say good bye to Google Play store and welcome to other App Stores such as Amazon which may and may not have all the apps people regularly use. - No one want this, right?

3) Vulkan is yet novelty, OpenGL is still the real deal so you won't find many games designed to use Vulkan. Probably none.

Understand, once and forever... It's not Sony or any other oem.. It's an issue with Qualcomm and other SOCs providers.

  » If you find that an answer helped, say thanks and give kudos Slightly smiling Face

Wizardry is the key!
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Message 36 of 37

Re: Additional features request

Maybe it will be introduced because I found information that its planned to be supported by SD810 and Adreno 400 Series. I hope for best for my old Z5.. Screenshot_20170621-112419.png







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Message 37 of 37

Re: Additional features request

What I'd like to know is why the XA1 Ultra had Vulkan support in Nougat but lost it during the upgrade to Oreo. That, along with Bluetooth becoming screwed up with some pairings, makes me understand why Sony Mobile is a rapidly sinking ship where it's finally time for me to jump off too.


Vulkan is not a novelty. I play my library of PSP games via PPSSPP. Vulkan support was the difference between 10fps and 60fps for Gran Turismo. That's not a novelty.