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Screen goes black during call

Message 221 of 229
Message 221 of 229

Re: Blacked out screen

HI, there is a workaround in the settings I believe. You can set the phone call to end by pressing the screen unlock key. Though if you need dial pad during call you're out of luck. I have this same problem and my SO'S Z5 compact has become unusable after nougat. There are too many bugs out there and the battery drain is huge on both phones.


I'm somewhat grateful that Sony offers these updates for free, but if the end result is this bad I'd rather not take these updates.

One time poster
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Message 222 of 229

Z5 screen blacks out when on call. Issue with proximty sensor

Been haing this issue for a little whiel.  When making a call, or receiving a call; as soon as it is connected the screen goes black. I seem unable to get the screen to wake up, so if I need to input any numbers (for example for in call menus) I am unable to do this.  Or even end the call.  I have tried software resets, going through the engineers menu, diagnistics.  Nothing.  I have switched the accessibilty to allow me to end the calls with the power button, but this is making the phone pain.   have sent it off for repairs, which worked for about 5 days, then back to the same old problem.  I do not have a screen protector on it, I have tried in SAFE mode, and still the ame issue.  Not sure if anyone can help, but if you don't ask you don't get.


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Message 223 of 229

Re: My screen goes black during a call so I can't access automated switchboard options or end call.

You can press firmly in the upper right corner of your screen to get the screen back during a call. You may have to hold that pressure.

Not a fix, but a workaround. It's annoying. For me, it's an intermittant  problem. So far.



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Message 224 of 229

Re: Black screen during call



I have  this problem also.  


My screen had smashed up so I had to give my phone  to technical service. They replaced the screen with the new one. 


I am not sure if this problem  occured due to replacement  of new screen.



One time poster
Message 225 of 229
Message 225 of 229

Proxmity sensor

Hi people bought a z5 compact and discovered had a faulty proximity sensor as it constantly on.


The screen had lifted on the proximity sensor corner of phone. Used hair dryer to push back down did service test still on constant is it an expensive fix???? 

One time poster
Message 226 of 229
Message 226 of 229

Sony xperia z5 proximity sensor isnt working

Whenever I try to call someone or if someone calls me my display turns black and i can do noting until the one who called me finished the call. The diagnosis from the phone is that the sensor is broken ... but what should i do now ? How can i repair the sensor or can sony repair the sensor ? Or do i have to buy a new phone ? 

Message 227 of 229
Message 227 of 229

Re: Sony xperia z5 proximity sensor isnt working



Do you have a screen protector installed?

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Message 228 of 229

Screen doesn't work during call

Hey there

I upgraded my Xperia z5 premium dual to Android 7.1, and just I wondering that cause problems!

For upgrading to Android 7.0, I have cooler phone, better battery usage, and no lag and bug during using.

But now, I have problems with battery draining, heating, and a phone stopping and bothering me.

I repair with Xperia companion, and then reset again but in calling process:

Screen goes off and lock key doesn't work, I need to press it again and again to see whom calling me. After answering 

One time poster
Message 229 of 229
Message 229 of 229

Hi I have problem with my z5 premium

Many days ago  I updated my phone after that when I call someone my phones screen be black and I can't see any thing during calling 

What do I do? 

Z5 premium