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Poor customer service at Authorized SONY service center

One time poster
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Poor customer service at Authorized SONY service center

Job No: W119022300192
It's been more than 19 days since i have submitted my handset to SONY Authorised service centre - VIGNESHWAR SERVICES, No:659, Ground Floor, 17th D Main, Opp.Koramanga Club, 6th Block- Karnataka- Bangalore - 650095. 
Until now, there is no update on where is my handset or it's repair status. I try to get in touch with this service personnel but their responds are either very irresponsible or impolite & unprofessional. The only response i get from them is that my handset is in head office which is in some other location and it is in "Parts Pending" Status. On inquiring the meaning of "Parts Pending" they keep saying the parts needs to imported. 
On March 4th 2019:
I was fed up talking with Sony Service personnel, so I asked them to return my handset back. They said it is at head office which is at different location within bangalore but it will take another 3 days to get it back. So, I had no choice but to wait in oblivion with no confirmation from Sony or any official acknowledgements.
On March 13th 2019:
Today, I called them again and asked for the status as i have given them more the time the asked for at the beginning which was 3 days. I waited for 7days. Now, Today, the Sony service personnel was very rude and impolite in his speech! He said your handset is still in the head office will take more time to return it to you. When i asked him why he said he do not know why but you will have to wait as it can be delivered on batch wise. so you have to wait until the next batch is dispatched from head office to their location. When i asked him Why is it taking days to transit less than 10kms distance from head office to service center, he said we transit batch wise. When i asked him to give me any official confirmation or acknowledgement, he said we will not give any kind acknowledgements to customers regarding their repair status. When i said him i will have to talk to SONY directly of your rude and unprofessional way of talking he said you can do whatever you want and he cut the call when i was talking.
My concerns:
1. Why there are no official confirmation from SONY on matters related to gathering spare parts, transition status or anything at from Sony?
2. Why should i wait for days just transit my handset from head office to service center? (handly <10kms distance) 
3. When will i get my handset?
4. Will I get my handset back?
5. I seriously regret for purchasing Sony product when the service centers are very much poorly maintained.
6. The service center opens at service center opens at 10:00AM but the Service technicians arrive only by 12:30PM. Why such sub-standard behavior by SONY Service centers?
7. Why should the customer service personnel speak in a rude & unprofessional way?
I request SONY to take this issue in hands seriously and manage their service centers, conduct periodic audits & monitoring for their such poor customer service.
I might be just one of the customer of SONY but please check the review of this "VIGNESHWAR SERVICES" - A simple google search can give you an idea how poorly this service center manages their customers.
I humbly request Sony to contact this service center and return my handset back with/without repairing. As i lost faith in Sony Authorized service center for repair services anymore.
Please help me proceed further.
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Re: Poor customer service at Authorized SONY service center

I know it's tough, but this is a user based forum and as such the only advice I can give is to contact your local support again and ask for written clarification of what is happening.

Hope you get results soon.

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Sony Xperia Support
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Message 3 of 3

Re: Poor customer service at Authorized SONY service center

Hi @Kailash91, very sorry to hear about this. Slightly frowning Face

Have you only been in contact with the service centre, or have you reached out the Local support team as well? If you haven't talked to the Support team about this, I would recommend that you give them a call, send an Email or open a chat with them and they will assist you further.

As @viridis wrote, we can't assist with service cases here at our Global user based forum, since we don't work directly with all the markets and the service routines are not the same in all markets/countries.

Feel free to keep us posted!

Official Sony Xperia Support Staff

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