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Only some SMS restoring from backup in PC Companion - Xperia Z5 Premium

One time poster
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Message 1 of 1

Only some SMS restoring from backup in PC Companion - Xperia Z5 Premium

Hi everyone,


I have a bit of a sticky situation on my hands, and all of my troubleshooting and internet research over the last two weeks has yeilded no results. Slightly frowning Face


I recently needed to get my phone repaired, as almost everything stopped working (NFC never worked, bluetooth was choppy, couldnt use speaker phone, calls would drop etc.).


Before sending the phone off for repair, I made several backups of my phone with the PC Companion (bridge - Mac OS) to ensure I would be able to load everything back on. I did not have another phone in the meantime and was without my phone for roughly a month.


Since trying to restore the device, the call logs all appear to be there... but the SMS arent. They begin in 2015 (should be backed up to mid June this year).


Unfortunately, I am in the middle of a pretty serious legal battle where I am trying to ensure my safety, and I need these text messages as evidence. I am willing to try absolutely anything, even if it means erasing all of my photos etc (but I still need those call logs for the same reason). Does anyone have any info on this? What can I do?


I also set up the SMS Backup+ app on my phone a while back, but I think I might have turned off the syncing before this event happened (since it also appears only to have backed up to 2012) - so that hasn't seemed to help either.


Is it possible they are on the microSD card? I do remember moving as much content as I could to the SD not long ago to free up space (thinking this might solve some of my handset issues - it didn't). Where would I find them if that was the case? And how would I get them back on the device?


I know this is a mess, and I am incredibly grateful to anyone who has read this far, and I don't have a lot of money, but I am still happy to paypal anyone who can solve this for me.


Thank you.