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New Z5 will not update to 7.1.1 or software repair to update

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Message 1 of 3

New Z5 will not update to 7.1.1 or software repair to update



I have last week purchased a brand new Sony Xperia Z5 Compact (I know, late to the party, but I wanted a small phone) and am having problems with software update. The update downloads but will not install and I am getting repeated messages that an update is due – when I try to install (full battery, stable wi-fi etc.) I am told the update could not be installed.


I have installed Xperia Companion on my pc and tried to update this route. It initially tells me ‘Your Xperia is already running the latest software available’.


I have therefore run the software repair option. This also ends up the error message

'Software repair error. An error occurred while repairing your device'

 Error info: UEGetPhoneInfoMissingInfo


I have factory reset the phone and retried all with the same error messages. The difference this time being that when I try and install the update from the phone, the phone is off for only a very short time, less than a minute, before coming back to tell me the update has failed whereas before it was taking a sensible amount of time to at least try and install. I have tried to clear data in the software update app as advised.


Returning to try and update through Companion I am using the Sony supplied cable; ensuring all other programs are closed whilst running the repair; I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Companion; tried using Companion installed on a different computer but to no avail.


On the second computer the error message is also 'Software repair error' but the error ref is UEStartNoMorePorts


  • Model no: E5823
  • Android version: 7.0
  • Android security patch level: 1 March 2017
  • Build number: 32.3.A.2.33
  • Software version: 32.3.A.2.33

If any other info required let me know


It would be great to know how to fix this, I don;t want to give up on the phone yet as there are a lot of things I like about it but it is very frustrating with a new phone



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Message 2 of 3

Re: New Z5 will not update to 7.1.1 or software repair to update



That's rather odd, what if you update JAVA 

"I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not." Kurt Cobain (1967-1994)

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Message 3 of 3

Re: New Z5 will not update to 7.1.1 or software repair to update

Thank you for your advice


I updated Java after uninstalling all old versions, then uninstalled and reinstalled Companion again


I am getting the same messages ie Software Update - your phone is up to date and Software Repair - error, an error occurred whilst repairing your device with the same code UEGetPhoneInfoMissingInfo


The difference now is that the device itself turns off as soon as Software Repair launches 


I therefore tried the device off route where you cannot switch on the device holding the volume down key and then connecting whilst switched off but receive the same error message


I understand there are a few issues for z5 users with 7.1.1 so wouldn't mind not installing it, if there was a way to switch off the endless notifications about an update


Thank you for responding