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Low volume during for calls after Android 7 update

Message 241 of 246
Message 241 of 246

after xperia z5 dual software repair volume become low with latest firmware


i have formated xperia Z5 and recall back up but now I'm facing issue with low volume.

so i have tried with xperia companion repair.

it took more than 2 hour with below firmware visrion.



Capture.PNG1st time repair

then check found it shows virsion as latet when finied that is 32.3.A.2.33-R2D


but now low volume has return wgu=ich was almost resolved during sequrity patch.


so i have again repair this time latest software appear as below


latest Capture.PNG2nd time reapir

but still low volume remain


SONY tesm please do about this bug

\now and getting feddup with this.


reply sollution

dont say try again repair as this has introduce low volume issue



Message 242 of 246
Message 242 of 246

Re: after xperia z5 dual software repair volume become low with latest firmware

Since Sony hasn't even bothered to simply acknowledge the problem, i've decdied to not include them in my considerations for a new phone. I would've considered the new X Compact, but not anymore.

One time poster
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Message 243 of 246

Bottom speaker is quiet

After updating to android 7 I noticed that the lower speaker plays quieter. Does anyone have a similar problem? Does anyone know a solution?

Message 244 of 246
Message 244 of 246

Re: Bottom speaker is quiet

I have the same issue for months now without any solution. I called local Sony Rep. and they told me (since 3 months) be patient, Sony is working to solved but till now nothing new. I wish that the new update could solve this issue but it doesn't seem so.

One time poster
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Message 245 of 246

Re: Xperia Z5 dual phones ring volume

My device too having the same problem. After upgrade Ringtone volume is not audible.
Its waste have this conversation with SONY Support.
only thing that we can say is it completely waste of spending thousands of rupees on the brand "SONY".
I will never buy SONY again, and would like to give a mouth publicity as its a worst product.
What ever might be the issue, The only solution they have is "try a Factory restore", do they think its an easy job to do a factory reset of a mobile now a days, its all mobile.  


Thank you very much SONY for selling a best Garbage.

Message 246 of 246
Message 246 of 246

Re: Bottom speaker is quiet

Yes!  The bottom Speaker in Z5 is lower then the TOP Speaker!

I am waiting for an update..... :-( 

Sony:  Please fix this issues