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Headphone jack not working

Message 471 of 574
Message 471 of 574

Re: Z5 Premium Headphones don't detect

Absolutely, it is a hardware issue.
My Xperia Z5 Premium simply stopped playing sound on the headphone jack, and I thought I must have damaged something, only to discover here on the forum that in fact it is Sony's fault, big time.

Way back, I eve decided  to buy noise-canceling headphones from Sony, of course my phone was broken in that respect too, only a rumbling sound came out.

I will absolutely never ever buy a Sony phone again. Melted Pins? Why haven't I heard about it? It is truely a news cover-up as other manufacturers would have told their customers so.
Also, this topic is not "Solved", who ever has decided so?

One time poster
Message 472 of 574
Message 472 of 574

XZ5 Premium Cannot recognize headphone

Guys, I dont know what happen to my sony xpz5 prem cannot recognize any headphone. 


Please give me tips on how to fix this problem

Message 473 of 574
Message 473 of 574

Re: XZ5 Premium Cannot recognize headphone

Do download SoundAbout App and try forcing the sound through headphone jack, then report if it worked, probably then you have the same problem as I have.
As my warranty is over, I may need to replace the part myself, see Youtube

f course, UKW/FM Radio won't work, even with SoundAbout presents the official Sony Xperia Z5 Premium Screen Repair, Teardown and Reassemble Guide. This HD video will show you how to completely take apart and reassemble your Xperia Z5 Premium phone, while also showing how to fix a cracked or damaged Sony Xperia Z5 Premium screen ...
One time poster
Message 474 of 574
Message 474 of 574

Z5 headphone problem

kulaklık deniyorum ama hiçbiri olmuyor neden veya ne yapabilirim 

I'm trying a headset but none is why or why not



Message 475 of 574
Message 475 of 574

Re: XZ5 Premium Cannot recognize headphone

I've been using the SoundAbout app to use the headphone jack when I need to. I do hope the latest update will actually fix the issue. I believe it brings the September security patch to the phone. I'm using Z5 btw. Let me know if anyone knows if it's been sorted out. I was thinking about buying the XZ1 also.

One time poster
Message 476 of 574
Message 476 of 574

Aux Port not functioning

Aux port on z5 premium dual does not work after last update me and a buddy have the same issue and both of us have never had issues has to be a software issue

Message 477 of 574
Message 477 of 574

New update+Headphone jack issues

Dear Sony, i'm officially done with your brand, the way you treat your customers, about a year ago my headphone jack started stuttering and eventually stopped working while i bought a pair of noise cancelling ear buds a week before it occured, there are SO many complaints about it on the internet and all you do is ask to send the phones for reparation to make us pay even more because it seems like warranty and customer support doesn't mean anything to you, but i installed sound about so i could live with that.


Now you've released this new "update" which is more like a downgrade since:


-It takes hours to charge my phone

-Phone keeps turning off

-I can't even play the most simple game on lowest setting without horrible lag

-More battery drain despite the terrible performance


These are just things i found out myself IN A DAY.


One plus side about the new downgrade is that the phone stopped heating as much as it used to do, woo-hoo good job Sony, thumbs up!, so this is the last time i ever bought a Sony product.


Rant out, greetings.

Message 478 of 574
Message 478 of 574

Sony Z5 Compact Headphone Jack Issue

I've been using this phone for a year now. I really love the Z5 Compact, and the sound quality is really good. 


I listen to music alot, and I am quite upset that my headphone jack is not working anymore. 

I plug in my headphone, and it doesn't detect. 


What should I do to fix this problem? 


I've tried fixing the SmartConnect and using a Third Party to force the sound out which doesn't work properly. 


I know this is a very common problem with Sony Z series phones and  I hope SONY will fix this issue as soon as possible. 

One time poster
Message 479 of 574
Message 479 of 574

Earphones output doesnt work

The earphone output doesn't work.

One time poster
Message 480 of 574
Message 480 of 574

Z5 Premium - headphone problem after android 7.1.1 update.

Mi Mobil z5 premium dual con Android 7.1.1 no reconoce los auriculares o audífonos, ayuda???  

My Z5 premium dual mobile with Android 7.1.1 does not recognize headphones or headphones, help ??