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Forced update of Amazon app by Update center

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Message 21 of 26

Re: Forced update of Amazon app by Update center

I have installed it and the uninstalled it and it appears back in the software update page.  You said a month ago that you were working on removing this from the software update page.  Why haven't you done that by now?


I don't use AMAZON because I detest the company.  If SONY is going to nag me to use AMAZON then Sony is deserving of the being equally detested.  This is an appalling way for Sony to treat it's customers who have paid for their phones and deserve to be left to decide themselves who they shop with.


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Re: Forced update of Amazon app by Update center



This is a user based forum, you can contact Sony directly >>> Local support

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Re: Forced update of Amazon app by Update center


I did and they replied that Amazon application is part of what they think is needed for a good everyday experience.


Usually is more likely to find a solution here, even from developers, than in local support ( depending on country, I guess). I mine is totally unuseful.


p.s. here in Italy, Amazon and Vodafone forced install still persist.

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Message 24 of 26

Still not fix/added option in update center

There's still no possibility to hide unwanted updates from Update center. I can hide update in What's new app, but not in center. Why?


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Re: Forced update of Amazon app by Update center

Hi, yesterday i received another sony update and Amazon shopping app with it, even though Amazon does not even work in my country. I cannot delete this app because it is system app, and it is taking precious little space that i have on my internal memory, now i have to delete apps that i actually need in order for the phone to work properly. Plus sony forcefully updates tons of system apps that are absolutly useless. Why Sony does not care about user experience of their customers? I will never buy sony again and will be telling everyone i know not to do it.

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Message 26 of 26

Re: Forced update of Amazon app by Update center



And here the German Xperia XZ have this again too! Why?  I use Netflix and i dont what this useless Amazone App to autoupdate on my Device. Sony stop this! I feel abused.  Zipper-mouth Face