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An Interesting One - Please Help.

One time poster
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Message 1 of 4

An Interesting One - Please Help.

I have an Xperia Z5 Premium.


Recently it had started to overheat a lot, and then I accidentally dropped the phone. The front and back screen both shattered. I had them both replaced, and when the repair man handed me back my phone (sim card was not in it as I had to use a spare phone in the mean time) it was on and working like normal.


I then pulled the SIM/SD card slot out and the phone restarted, as it does. I put my SIM card in again and slid it back where it belongs. The screen loaded up and did the swooshes, but it got to a point where it was just my wallpaper background. It had no apps, or time or notifications or anything.


I could not do anything. I held the camera button and it vibrated but did not change, I could hold the power button and it was still come up with the restart options etc. So I decided to restart it to see if it worked. It didn't. I have tried heaps of different things:


- Taking the SIM card out and starting the phone, then turning it off, putting the SIM card in and restarting.

- Normal Restart

- Power off, then turn back on.

- All of the above while plugged into a charger.

- USed the OFF button, held it down got the three vibrations and then turned it back on: with the SIM card in AND out on separate occasions.

- Held the OFF button down for a full two-minutes then restarting the phone.

- Holding the power button and the volume up button for the three vibrations and restarting the phone.


The phone still charges, is still recognised by the computer (can't do anything though because it doesn't pop up on the screen). I still get the flashing LED for notifications (though nothing shows up on the screen and I can't do anything). Buttons still make vibrations. It just stays on my background (no apps or anything, can't even use the drop down menu) and occasionally goes black and takes a while to return to the wallpaper background.


I initially thought it was because I had the screen replaced, but that doesn't explain why it was fine in the store before I took it home and put my SIM card in it.


I really am at a loss - PLEASE HELP!

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Re: An Interesting One - Please Help.

Sorry to hear this!!  did u tried safe mode? 

- press the power button, touch and hold power off dialogue til iT shows 'Reboot to safe-mode'> ok 

- Did u tried Xperia companion software repair? Most of the software issues will be solved by software repair.

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Re: An Interesting One - Please Help.

He can´t do that. It doesn´t pop up on the screen:


"The phone still charges, is still recognised by the computer (can't do anything though because it doesn't pop up on the screen). "

Diogo Simões

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Re: An Interesting One - Please Help.

_ yep!! That's y I referred him to go for software repair as this process doesn't need the device to be in  connected state al the time. ( select repair > let the process begin> switch off and connect the device by holding  volume down > wait until xc recognize the device then release.