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Mobile World Congress 2019

Sonys Press conference from MWC took place end of February
If you missed it you can watch it here.
Please join the discussion here and share your thoughts on what was anounced here. MWC 2019 discussion.

After a low-battery shutdown, can't get the phone to start again

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After a low-battery shutdown, can't get the phone to start again



I know this problem has been done to death perhaps, so I'll just cut to the chase. What is happening:

When I turn on my phone it goes to the white Xperia screen, then the screen goes black but still displaying, then it turns off and the LED flashes red a couple times - the process repeats until the battery can no longer support it. The phone turns on in this manner on its own even after a forced shutdown with power + volume up is performed. 

What I've tried:
- Forced shutdowns. These don't prevent the reset loop if the phone is plugged in to a computer or wall. 
- The 2-min reset. doesn't do squat. 
- Plugging the phone in while pressing volume down. This makes the LED shine green at first, then alternate between green and red, and finally makes this failed launch loop resume. 
- Plugging the phone into my PC while volume up is pressed - this makes the LED shine blue and apparently helped me progress the furthest - it apparently discharges the battery entirely. When I plugged the phone into the socket after the battery died in that manner, I briefly got the charging symbol on the screen (never got that far using any of the steps above). Almost ready to celebrate, but then I left the room and when I went back in, the title screen reset loop was back. 
- Tried removing the battery and cleaning all the connection ports with alcohol. There are no signs of mechanical damage and the phone worked fine before it turned off from a drained battery last time. I've been using many different charging ports (both wall and computer-based) and cables. I might have ruined the battery by charging using QuickCharge 3.0, while the phone only supports 2.0, but I'm not even sure if this is battery-related. If it were, getting a replacement battery wouldn't be that difficult, but I don't want to commit unless I'm at least reasonably sure that might help. Of course getting any official support is out of the picture, since the phone is past its warranty and likely was not purchased from an authorized salon, not to mention I must have voided the warranty anyway by removing the back lid.

- Tried powering the phone on without a battery even present, but all it gave me was a similar reset loop, only the white Xperia screen remained for a shorter time before the process repeated.

- Of course, Xperia companion does not recognize the phone at all, not even in the step where it asks to plug it in while pressing volume down.

I've already bought an Xperia XZ Premium to replace this phone, but I'd sure as **bleep** fancy to at least be able to run it to move some of the data to the new device. Any suggestions on what else I might want to try? Would it be worth a shot to buy a replacement battery, or could this be a motherboard issue? Before the phone died it was fully functional in every aspect.

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Re: After a low-battery shutdown, can't get the phone to start again

I also have the same problem as you. now i just let my phone charge using quick charge. only the green color LED goes on. is still pending. 

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Re: After a low-battery shutdown, can't get the phone to start again



Which Xperia do you have? have you repaired it with Xperia Companion?

"I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not." Kurt Cobain (1967-1994)

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Re: After a low-battery shutdown, can't get the phone to start again

I have a xperia z5 premium model. I just bought it.

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Re: After a low-battery shutdown, can't get the phone to start again

It works! but use quick charge 2.0 and led showing blue colour. Not green 😄. But it still take time 😔