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Pink spot with xperia z3 camera

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Re: Pink spot with xperia z3 camera

Hopefully Sony is paying attention to this!

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Message 22 of 217

Re: Pink spot with xperia z3 camera

Hi everyone,


I have took the initiative to chat with a rep about this:


ME:  Can you check whether there are any case open for the Xperia Z3 and Z3 having pink spots on photos taken by camera?
SONY:  This would not be possible as I haven't been informed of such situation and this is to be considered an isolated issue. We suggest that you contact us to address the issue in the event you believe that you are experiencing this problem as well.
SONY:  Have I answered all of your questions today or is there anything else I can help you with?
ME:  Yes, I am experiencing that issue. What can Sony do for me in this case?
SONY:  First, we would like for you to inform us, how long has this been an issue for, and are you using a case while taking pictures with your camera?
ME:  I don't use a case for the phone. It's been happening since the first day I use it, but it became more bothersome that I did some searches on the issue. Came out that many others are experiencing this, not just me. So this may be an issue with Sony that may get widespread.
SONY:  Correct, in that case, do allow me to ask, does this happen with all pictures? Also are you able to notice any dust or strange particle in the Camera lenses?
SONY:  Also does this happen with both the Back and Front facing cameras?
SONY:  Are we still connected?
ME:  yes
SONY:  Correct, please inform me of the previously asked questions.
SONY:  Are we still connected?
ME:  It happens to all photos shot with a white or gray background. They are visible in Superior Auto and manual mode. If I shoot photos in broad daylight, the pink spots don't show up. There are no noise or particles in the camera lenses. I tested it by covering the lenses and taking a photo dark. No noise or particles.
ME:  I believe this is software issue, not hardware. But then some report they are not experiencing it. So it's a hit or miss on this phone.
SONY:  Correct, and does this happen with both cameras, and do you happen to see any dust particles in the camera lenses?
ME:  No particles in the camera lenses. The front camera takes photos fine, and of course has more noise. But no pink spots on a white/gray background.
ME:  Seems to be the rear camera only.
SONY:  Correct, in this case, first we would like for you to try a soft reset to address the issue at hand. For this please press both the Power button + Volume up key for 30 seconds and the device should vibrate and shut off. Then you can just power it back on normally and verify if the issue remains.
ME:  I have done that already. I even did a factory reset in settings to no avail. The problem persists.
SONY:  Correct, in that case, this could be happening due to a minor error on the phone's software. Therefore, we recommend you perform a software repair via computer using either PC Companion for Windows based computers or Bridge for Mac. Please keep in mind that this process erases the phone's internal memory so we recommend you backup your data before proceeding using one of the tools previously mentioned.
SONY:  Would you like for me to send you the steps to perform a software repair using one of our support tools?
ME:  Yes, I'd like to try this out. Please send.
SONY:  Is your home computer a Windows based system or a Mac OS?
ME:  Windows
SONY:  Correct, allow me a moment while I send you the steps to perform a software repair using PC Companion for Windows to your e-mail address.
SONY:  I was able to send you the steps to perform a software repair using PC Companion, would you please confirm that you received the e-mail I sent you.
ME:  sure, let me check
ME:  Thanks, I received the email. In any case this does not work, what should I do next?
SONY:  Correct, you can go ahead and perform the repair, and in the event issue persist, we suggest you to contact our Support department at 866-766-9374 to set a claim that will allow you to send the phone to our repair center for an evaluation. Please provide to the Voice Agent the following interaction number: xxxxxxx.
SONY:  Have I answered all of your questions today or is there anything else I can help you with?
ME:  Sounds great. Thank you for your help today.
SONY:  Thank you for contacting Sony Xperia™. If you require more information about our products please visit our Support Forum at


Instructions (for Windows):


We have an extended guide that should help you fix the issue on your phone, please follow the instructions carefully:
Visit this link:

Click on Download PC Companion

Run the software and install it
Turn the phone off and disconnect it from the computer

1. No matter what the program says do not connect the phone until you complete step 9
2. In the welcome screen you will see the different modules available for you including the "Support Zone" option. Click on "Start" below it.

3. On the next page Click on "Start" under "Phone Software Update"

At this point if you get an error stating that "Unable to install update components" or "Server is busy" , then please proceed to step 12

4. The program will say that there is no phone connected. Click on the option below that reads: "Repair my phone" the program will issue you a warning about the content that you will lose during the update
5. Choose the option to continue.
6. The program will issue a final message warning you of possible data lost during the update. Click on the checkmark and then on "Next".
7. After that, the program will download the necessary information (5 to 6 minutes) and it will present you with a list of phones.
8. Choose your phones model from the list then click on "Next" then you will see a new section telling you how to connect the phone. (don't connect it yet)

At this point the phone must be off and disconnected from the PC.

9. Connect the cable to the PC not to the phone, then while pressing and holding the indicated button (in the steps on screen an specific button will be shown for you to press on the phone) connect the cable to the phone and keep holding the indicated button until the program says "the update of your phone has started..." (in some cases a message of  "Installing drivers" will appear before the message of "the update of your phone has started..."  is shown.)
10. If you failed to follow the steps correctly the phone will turn on and it will request that you "Proceed with the following steps, slide down the notification bar", If this happens disconnect the phone from the cable, turn it off and repeat from step 9).
11. If the phone is connected properly, PC Companion will proceed with the update ( It will tell you to let go of the back key) then wait for the update to finish and follow instructions on screen to disconnect the unit.
Dear Customer,
12. If "Unable to install update components"
1. Close PC Companion
2. Install Java from:
3. Start PC Companion again and try to do the software unlock process once more.

Note: If you wish only to update the unit wait for the program to open and then select the quick link on the upper left corner that says "Update Phone/Tablet" and follow the instructions to perform the update. (the PC may request for the phone to be placed in Mass Storage mode. Do this by going into Settings>Xperia>Connectivity>USB connection mode)

 I am going to try this out. I don't know whether this will help, but worth a try. DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK. Please report any findings you have.


Let this be known!

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Message 23 of 217

Re: Pink spot with xperia z3 camera

A quick test on my new Z3C showed the same result.

Out of my experience with digital camera it looks like as the IR filter on the camera is missing or not well designed.

You can see the same color when you look at the transmitter-LED from your IR remoe control.


So I have different kind of LED lamps in use (exchanged conventional).

In the kitchen I have Osram PAR16 lamps (5,5W/230V) having a color temperature of 2700K

In living room Lumenstar MR16 lamps (4,5W/12V), 3000K color temperature.

I see the pink shade in the kitchen but not in the living room, looking at the same sheet of paper.


Seems to me that the lamp having a lower (warmer) color temperature has more IR and so the camera gets overexposed.


Would you colleagues here try the same experiment to confirm?


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Message 24 of 217

Re: Pink spot with xperia z3 camera

it could well be, it seems to me that the problem is more present with artificial lighting than under day light, but I have no scientific way to test it :/

One time poster
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Message 25 of 217

Re: Pink spot with xperia z3 camera

Four hours a go i've repair my z3 compact due pink-spot camera by Pc companion. Nothing change!. 

From Vietnam, global Z3 compact. What 's problem here, hardware or software?

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Message 26 of 217

Re: Pink spot with xperia z3 camera

i've been advised the same today byt the Sony support, but of course it doesn't help.


I had to explicitly ask them to report the issue, i advise all of you to do the same otherwise they won't report it to the technical team...

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Message 27 of 217

Re: camera pink spot

Could you escaladate this issue please? it seems that a large number of users are having this bug

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Message 28 of 217

Purple tint and grainy front facing camera.

I just got my xperia Z3 today and noticed the front facing camera has a purple tint and is very grainy. When i cover the camera with my thumb it's not completely black, but very grainy. When I cover the back camera however it is all black. Is this a hardware or software issue and should I get my phone replaced? See mine.jpg

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Message 29 of 217

Re: camera pink spot

Just find that me too have the same issue with my new brand Z3 bought from
Do we know if it is software or hardware problem?
Fortunately I will return it back because of defective screen with dead pixel and I'm waiting my new replacement unit until Friday but I'm really worry with that defect.
Here is sample photos

Let me tell you that this happen in white background like the wall in my house no matter if I have flash on or off.
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Message 30 of 217

Re: camera pink spot

I actually dont have the pink dot problem. All i have is the mentioned grainy front camera.