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Calculator it's wrong

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Re: Calculator it's wrong

Radians should have no effect on this calculation. Radians are just another unit to measure angles so will not be an issue.
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Re: Calculator it's wrong

in all normal calaculators, 20%  is = 0.20 


that is why 100 - 20% => 100-0.20 = 99.8



% is referenced to 1.0 , like for 20 % it is 0.2 and 90% it is 0.90. so that when you do calculation like


25% of amount X , it is going to be X*25%  ,


with google and online extra smart calc.


when you say 100 - 20%  ,,calc automatically assume that you re asking for 20% of100 , but you never specified that directly .


if you really want to do same  with normal calc , it syntax should be 100 - (100*20%) . you have to say of what amount % need tobe substracted.



sony calculator app is fine as it should be , so i think you should get yourself use to it .



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Re: Calculator it's wrong

@mit_z3plus That's how I also thought things work but it seems calculators assume it's 20% of X if you add or subtract.

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Re: Calculator it's wrong

Hi all,


I see this is still an ongoing issue. I have a Z5 Compact that used to be ok on Android 5 but when it got the upgrade to Android 6.0 it now cannot do basic subtraction of percentages. When you do 200-15%  it shows the result as 199.85 and not 170.  It shows RAD in the top left corner.  Before the upgrade I used to use it to work ut percentages all the time with no issue or error. Is this a problem with the coding in Android 6, or something else? 

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Stock calculator giving wrong mean of numbers

When I add up numbers and divide by the total numbers to get the mean or the average number the calculator gives wrong answers and numbers way above what the average should be.

Can anyone help me with this frustrating situation?

Thank you.

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Re: Stock calculator giving wrong mean of numbers

Post an example, don't forget the parenthesis and don't forget about PEMDAS