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Boot loop Xperia Z3 not booting properly

One time poster
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Re: Boot loop Xperia Z3 not booting properly

I have this exact problem... my phone keeps going off after just a few minutes of switching it on. It first started when i was constantly online receiving a lot of messages from WhatsApp and other social media the phone was abnormally becoming hot each time i went online .. I downloaded cooler master and other cooling apps to no avail...and soon the phone problem above started.... plz i spent a lot of money in purchasing that phone hoping to use it for 5 yrs and more only a student i can't raise such money easily...please help me fix this problem so that my money won't go to waste.

Sony Xperia Support
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Re: Boot loop Xperia Z3 not booting properly

Hi @Dennymba,


Welcome to the community. I am sorry to hear about that. Slightly frowning Face


Have you tried the other suggestions in this thread, including the software repair using Xperia Companion?

Official Sony Xperia Support Staff

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Re: Boot loop Xperia Z3 not booting properly

I paid $750 for this phone and it barley lasted me one year. I already had this phone replaced because of stupid issues and since my warranty is now up, I dont have much options. I paid $750 for a phone that I thought would last me many years but my old iphone 3 and my old nikon phone is outlasting this junk. I am acually mad because I paid so much money for something that does not work! So if there is a potential problem with the hardware and I need to pay sony to fix it (which it should have never had any problems in the first place) I would need to pay for shipping and pay for the repairs that should never have needed too! So now I am stuck with a flip phone because I sold my old nikon. I sent it to sony two times to get it fixed and replaced when I first got it and now this problem

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cannot boot up the phone

I have Sony D6653, It was working well. I was chatting on messenger and downloading an app from google play, Suddenly my phone froozes and sometimes later it automatically show Sony logo and wait for 2 seconds and turns off automatically. Now when I try to power it just vibrate one time and show Sony logo and restart and again same thing. When I pluge in the charger, the red led glows and again same thing. Now please tell me what should i do. Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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Message 15 of 15

Re: Boot loop Xperia Z3 not booting properly

I've had this problem.

I've tried to repair software using Xperia Companion for a few days, unsuccesfully.

I noticed same water condensation on the memory card when i removed it.

I put the device in a warm place with all the cover totaly open for few days, to evaporate internal water condensation.

I've tried to repair software using Xperia Companion, this time succesfully.