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Battery expansion causing screen to separate

One time poster
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Battery expansion causing screen to separate

Hi there!


I used my SGP611 this weekend in the car and I noticed that it wasn't charging very well on the way home from a trip.  I decided to take it in and put it on a dock to charge it while I wasn't using it.  When I expected it to be fully charged, I noticed the screen was separating approximiately where the power button is.  From what I can tell, it seems like something is expanding on the inside of the device, thus pushing the screen out.



I can only believe that the device will need to be sent in for repair of this faulty and potentially dangerous battery.


With all the recent news about devices' batteries expanding and even catching fire, I've turned it off and figured I'd seek help.





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Re: Battery expansion causing screen to separate

Hello @daverx7 and welcome to the community!


I think you did the best practice with your Z3 tablet, you can contact your Local support and check if its spare parts are still available there or maybe a 3rd party repair shop. The device was released almost 3 years ago so I hope you don't find much trouble in fixing it.


Good luck and keep us updated!

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Re: Battery expansion causing screen to separate

I have the exact same problem.  My Z3 Tablet Compact battery has swollen/expanded so much the front screen has detached from the frame.  


I have contacted Sony support and they have NO support options available, notwithstanding this is a safety issue, from what I understand from googling "swollen battery".  


What are we supposed to do?