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how to force reinstall Sony xperia software?

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Message 1 of 4

how to force reinstall Sony xperia software?

I am using xperia z3 tablet

Many apps misbehaving e.g. screen overlay, fail get GPS, camera stop etc

I try factory reset but not help


I want force re-install android or Xperia.

At "setting", because it is update to date, not allow to install.

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Re: how to force reinstall Sony xperia software?



I'd suggest that you perform a software repair using Xperia Companion. This will do a clean installation of the latest firmware and will also wipe your internal memory. Don't forget to backup using Xperia Companion, but preferably without adding apps or settings to the backup.


Follow the steps given in blue links, and keep us updated.

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Re: how to force reinstall Sony xperia software?

I just found tablet cannot use mobile data

I confirmed "mobile data ON" and "airplane mode OFF"
The sim card work properly. Since tablet would use this sim card make phone call and check the balance.



Quester, I will try your method later.



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Message 4 of 4

Re: how to force reinstall Sony xperia software?

I try "Xperia Companion", it fail to repair for 1st and 2nd time.

Finally, it repaired successfully at third trial.


Then I try three Apps, it seems they can work properly.


But the camera is still stopped.

I try Diagnostics > Test > Camera, it shows "Camera not available"

I try Diagnostics > Test > Front Camera, it shows "Test failed"

It is strange that both camera wear out at same. (one day when I power on device, tablet always popup "unfortunately, camera has stopped", sony's camera Apps fail to use, at the same I found many others Apps is misbehaviour)


Because, my tablet brought over a year, the warranty is expired.

Any method I would try before repair at sony support?

Is it expensive to replace camera? Or it need to replace whole module?