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Z3 compact faulty mini jack

One time poster
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Re: Z3 compact faulty mini jack

I downloaded and installed, well actually bought, the application 'Soundabout' (trust me, buying it is a lot cheaper than sending your phone for repair). Like what some others here do claim, it does work. So, correct me if I'm wrong, if this application could make my mini-jack work, then its just a simple software issue (its not like 'Soundabout' makes the mini-jack any tighter to make it work or something). So why hasn't Sony done anything about it, a simple update would do.

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Re: Z3 compact faulty mini jack

Hey, i have the same problem. They repaired my jack 3times, then they replaced my phone for new one. Now its about 2months old and, about a month ago the problem started, i thought it was problem with headphones but i tried more of them, it was working for some time, then it stopped working again and so on, when it was working and i just touched or moved the headphones it stopped working again. But about a week ago it fully stopped working. Can anyone tell me if you can get maybey other phone for replacement or onything like that. I am sorry for my english, its not good i hope you will understand and maybey replied. 

Thanks for your attention.

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Re: Z3 compact faulty mini jack

Have you made sure that you problem is not because because of too much dust has been accumulated in the audio jack? I got that problem on a Z1, where a lot of dust went into the audio jack when keeping the phone I the pocket. And headphones stopped working. I used a clip to remove the dust. And after that the audio jack worked again.
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Re: Z3 compact faulty mini jack



So this problem seems to be everywhere - I was about to buy some Bluetooth headphones but they are all a bit chunky and expensive and why should I when in fact my headphone socket should still work?


So before splashing out (and having tried cleaning with rubbing alcohol etc.) I thought I'd try one more thing - jamming stuff in the socket to see if it stiffened it up! I could always get it out with tweezers if it didn’t work, right? Nothing to lose.


Well, after  a couple of goes it actually worked! I'm at my desk at work so used what was to hand - a post it note. I tore a tiny piece off the note, about the 1cm by 1cm, then tore that in half, folder it twice and slid the c2mm long and thin slip it in the socket, and inserted my headphones. It was a tight fit, but not worryingly tight - it pulled back out ok and I left some post it note hanging out the top just in case. First try not so good as it stopped the phone (z3 compact) detecting the headphones. Fair enough.


Second attempt better though - you need to align the paper sliver with the back of the phone so it doesn’t obstruct the metal contacts you can see (which I think must be on the opposing sides, aligned with the sides of the phone - so the sliver width is important, not too thick to obstruct them).


After pushing in the headphones, they fit very snug - and although the whole enclosures still 'wiggles' a bit, the added pressure seems to stop the jack itself 'rattling' and from turning in the socket at all, which seems to do the trick - after some close inspection, it seemed that with my loose socket it was the slightest *turning* rather than necessarily the rattling that set the thing off with random pauses etc. (although enough rattling did that too).


Next, simply tear off the top of the post it that you left on so you could remove it easily, and then reinsert the 'phones. For me it now sits snug in the socket, tightly jammed enough that it doesn't come out. I guess you could always wet it a little (perhaps even glue for the brave?) if you want it in tighter.


Ok, so it's not a high tech permanent fix, but I get interruption-free music on the commute, which is the point. I don't mind if it comes out eventually, because sooner or later Bluetooth buds will improve and come down in price, so it's good enough for me. And it takes 2 minutes to jam in another. I know it sounds like a stupid solution, but it really does work!


If you play with this more than I have and find a better 'jamming' solution write back and let us all know! There must be something better, but not as drastic as sending it back / full dismantling. Thanks.

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Message 45 of 45

Re: Z3 compact faulty mini jack

Take cash 4 trash Sony.., I won't buy anything from sony agian. The want to "play" everywhere, Phone, Camera, Playstation, Headphones etc., no wonder the products are of low quality..


I switched to Apple at my phone, nearly a year a go now. I paid much but I don't regret it, thats the fact.

I bought the Sony Xperia trash 3 compact for 400 bucks. Big mistake. Phone was useless after 4 weeks, Mini Jack broken... fixed... mini jack broken again (5 weeks) ?! -> bought an Iphone, still happy not any problem till now Grinning Face 


The Sony trash 3 compact was in use for 3 or 4 Months !!

SO MY IPHONE WAS CHEAPER it's also still in use...


"We'll fix your Phone, Sir, send it to repair." Yey, have no Phone for weeks 'cause I bought the trash Sony has selled. H E L  L , I like things like that. Send a brand new Phone in repair after 4 Weeks and send it in repair again after a few more !!!!


Also my PS4 is trash ! Truns down for NO REASON. Got this from first day I bought the trash.


 H E L L , send your brand new PS4 to repair for weeeeks, noo i won't get it replaced.

IT WAS IN USE FOR AN HOUR, HAAHAHA. I'll have to wait weeks for an less as one day old PS4.


!! Never again Sony !!


Also the free games in PS Store are unknown to me & trash. Dowloaded 1 free game since two years, played 10 minutes and it was trash, like much else.


Remake everthing - Remake Sony and REMAKE PS4

!! I'm going to switch to the new Xbox Gen. they will release this year !!


PS3 was lit...