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Screen goes black when making a call

Message 271 of 273
Message 271 of 273

Re: Screen goes black when making a call

I believe it's dust. 

I had to have my battery changed, so they cleaned up the inside of the phone. 

I haven't had the issue since then.


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Message 272 of 273

Re: Screen goes black when making a call

The isdue was looked as a royal pain, as I had this isdui and googled it a lot and trued many trickes but finally, I took it to a reoair shop, and he helped to fix it!

Whu this issue occurs?

Your Sony handphone got a light sendor to detect the time you put your phone to ear, it sense the light and darkness! Due to some reasons it intrupted, for my case, the touch screen is not properly attached to case so light penetrated to phone inside or the sensir connection is dc sometime, 

Once the screen goes black, I just push slowly the touch screen, around the top, and screen goes on!


You try this, if it works just use a black tape to avoid light or tight the contacts


Hope you gux it

One time poster
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Message 273 of 273

Re: Screen goes black when making a call

I have put up with this problem for many years and finally tried to resolve the problem. After many hours of experimenting with no luck the many different things mentioned I decided to try the following, which appears to provide an improvement.


First go to "Settings" then "Accessibility" and ensure the "power button ends call" option is turned off.


Now when phone rings and I press the answer/ or swipre to answer the screen still goes black, but then if I press the on/off switch quickly 2 times it comes back on. If I put the phone up to my ear it goes black again, so I repeat pushing the power button twice and back comes the screen.


While this is not an ideal solution it does help, in that I can now use the screen, though need to put the phone on speaker phone to both take a call and use the screen.


Certainly will not buy another Sony in the future, especially given the poor responses to the many requests for help on this forum.


good luck