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Z2 possible virus

One time poster
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Z2 possible virus

Hi I hope that someone can help with this problem. I Have had this phone for about a year and it has been great. A few days ago it started to randomly flash between apps and also to zoom in and out when trying to read. It also tries to generate numbers so quickly when I start it to put my pin code in  that I am not sure if I can get in to it. I have got a Norton virus checker on and when I did a scan it said no virus detecte. It happend a few days ago and then it stopped but has now happend again. even when I started it in safe mode it still happened I have managed to turn it off even though sometimes it turns itself on again

I am not very good with technology so please could any advice on fixing be as simple as possible

Thank you.

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Re: Z2 possible virus

Yeah I have an Anti virus but it gives me pop up ads

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Re: Z2 possible virus

Antivirus is not always can kill viruses. Android is lack of security compared Apple, but so far I use Android from 2011 till 2017, I never experienced weird thing like you said. Once experience black screen when used Xperia TX, the others were fine.

For Antivirus better buy Antivirus app that free of ads. I also long time ago use McAfee on my Android, it was good. But now i use Xperia Z2, I don't install any antivirus app.

Yes, it can possible virus, but I think it will depend on the user itself as long as he.she just installs apps from Google Play Store, it is fine. Also, if you install apps outside Google Play Store, your phone can be still fine (based on my experience using Android install apps outside Play Store were fine), except if you install weird apps maybe, cheat cheat apps, ads ads ads, those coukd be harm your phone.