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Z2 on split second charging loop - can't use pc companion either

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Message 1 of 2

Z2 on split second charging loop - can't use pc companion either

Hoping someone can help. I bought a second hand Z2 as a backup phone and it kept turning off. Tried the 2 minute reset with the red button and it won't turn back on. when I plug it in to charge, it only charges for a split second, over and over again. when I use the magnetic charger, the sony logo flashes for the split second over and over again, but when I use USB charger the red light goes on and then off again over and over. I tried using the PC companion and it recognises the phone but says it's locked (indicating that it's turned on - which I don't think it is). I tried the software repair method through PC companion but that doesn't work because you have to turn the phone off. I did the volume up and power button thing but nothing happens when it's not on the charger. When it is on the charger though, it vibrates 3 times like it's supposed to. So, I plug it back in to the PC companion - same thing - it keeps turning on and off over and over again, so it's not "turned off". finally, tried the volume down and plug in - same problem, so nothing works to be able to check for errors. It's only a spare phone, but so annoying. I think I have to put it in to get looked at, but before I do, I thought I'd see if anyone else had any thoughts. I've searched and searched and no-one seems to have had my exact problem - only various parts of it, so no luck finding a solution thus far. thanks in advance

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Message 2 of 2

Re: Z2 on split second charging loop - can't use pc companion either

all good, found the answer on an obscure battery replacement website. turns out the battery isn't being recocnised properly, indicating an issue with the little flimsy cable between the battery and the connector. Tried pushing the phone "together" from front and back and lo and behold, it turns on. 

so now it's simply a case of pulling it apart to check that connection.