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Water inside my z2..waterproof?

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Message 71 of 74

Re: Water inside my z2..waterproof?

Hi! If you are certain that your flaps were properly closed when you used it in the water, Sony will provide you with a new one without any extra fee. They just have to run it true a pressure test first.
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Re: Water inside my z2..waterproof?

bro i need a xperia z2 dead phone can u help me out im from india

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Re: Water inside my z2..waterproof?

Really nice played (end of sarcasm)


A Sony support member promptly jumps in the forum to advise (and very well) to not use a hairdrier because it could damage your phone but Sony does not comment on the several complaints of waterproof damages on high-end device like Z2.


Remember Sony that we vote with our wallets and I will take into account the misleading gap between marketing messages (it is waterproof jump in the water with your friends and take fancy snapshots) and reality (go into the water and get an expensive high-end device broken in a few minutes) the next time I decide to spend 600€ on phone.

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Message 74 of 74

Re: Z2 Waterproof ? about 10 centimeters and the phone is DEAD?

HI, 2 weeks ago and I am searching for someone who knows how to fix my xperia z2, 

after putting it in a pool water for lower than 15 centimeters while the company says " water up to 1.5 metres deep."


I am so upset, all mobile maintenance shops says it needs a new BOARD because the ICs are damaged., and of course none have a new board ! So my mobile is dead, I only buy it since 7-8 months.


Now I will try to contact sony support maybe they have a solution, even that where I bouhgt the phone, the buyer did not admits the warranty and said it does not came with warranty !!!!! (surprised ? It's Lebanon).


I hope that sony can fix the phone and I am ready to pay if needed, but of course not a price of a new one.