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Notification sounds not working

Message 1 of 5
Message 1 of 5

Notification sounds not working

Helloo everyone,

So i noticed this issue a few days ago and it's still there... sadly.

I have a Xperia z2.

Notification sounds don't work for all incomming messages including SMS, MMS, WhatsApp, Instagram, Viber etc. The phone only vibrates, but there is no sound. But when someone calls me from those apps, the sound is there. 


I did the following things and nothing helped:

- i restarted my phone

- cleared data for the messaging app

- cleared cache

- turned up the notification volume 

- turned off silent mode

- checked all the apps, and in every app the sound for notifications is on

- checked notification settings, and they aren't blocked for any app

- i don't use any 3rd party apps for messages and calls so that's not it

- i updated everything

- i didn't install any new app lately that probably could affect the notification sounds


When i go to ''Sound & Notification'' in Settings, and then to ''Notification sound'', all sounds that are listed in there can't be heard. And all the apps i listed above use sounds from this ''Notification sound'' part. So it probably has to do something with just this ''part of the phone''. But i don't know what the problem could be anymore. I tried everything i could...

Somebody, help...

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Message 2 of 5

Re: Notification sounds not working


Does this also happen when you restart into safe mode?

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Message 3 of 5

Re: Notification sounds not working

Thanks for your reply,

i read your message and I wanted to check the safe mode a few minutes ago, but pressed ''restart'' by mistake. Aaand when the phone turned on again a WhatsApp message came and - sound was there! I checked the other sounds - all of them work. I have no idea why now, i restarted it a few times before, but this one particular time worked. 

I'll see if this lasts and if the sounds continue to be there, working.


And thanks again for your reply ^^ 

One time poster
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Message 4 of 5

Re: Notification sounds not working

Same problem for notification sounds heard when trying to set a tone and not getting a tone while I get notifications

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Message 5 of 5

Re: Notification sounds not working

This problem on my phone keeps coming back. Whenever I restart the phone the notification sounds work good for a day or two and then they just stop all of a sudden. It's kinda annoying, really don't  know what to do.