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Issue with microphone when using speakerphone in 5.1.1

One time poster
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Message 81 of 86

Re: VERY WEIRD MIC PROBLEM! After latest upgrade(23.4.A.0.546) Z2

Solution doesn't help for my Z2. Mic works fine with 4.4.2 but in 5.1.1 I have a lot of complaints that my voice sounds terrible. But in a voice recorder app mic works perfect.

I've done system repair several times, doesn't help.


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Re: Issue with microphone when using speakerphone in 5.1.1

Hello guys! Have you find out the solution yet? I faced the same problem earlier. I did software repair via PCC, flashed different stock roms via Flashtool, nothing seems to work. So today I tried disabling the 'Sound Recorder' app and restarted my phone. Now the problem was solved :-)
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Re: Welcome to the Forum, please introduce yourselves!

Have problems making Voice calls. Can hear other party, but they can't hear me. Done Test on Land-Line and Mic OK. Been in touch with Network provider and just said 'monitor' it. Still not working. What do you suggest?
One time poster
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Re: Issue with microphone when using speakerphone in 5.1.1

Try these two.. One of them will surely work
1st try disabling noise cancelling in setting>call setting
2nd try to disable voice detection in Google app.. Setting>voice>detection
One time poster
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Re: Another speaker/mic bug during calling !!! Sony please help !

Hi Rickard

I am facing an issue same as mentioned on this thread. I went into Service Centre thrice and spend more than Rs.11000 still my issue is not resolved and it really feels annoying. Can you please suggest me a solution?


Name: Nikhil
Phone nr:
Country: India
Operator: Vodafone
IMEI nr:
Build number: 14.6.A.1.236





One time poster
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Message 86 of 86

Re: Another speaker/mic bug during calling !!! Sony please help !

In case you don't know how to read this thread, these are the suggested fixes for these problems:


Turn off noise supression and other call optimizations in call settings

Delete any apps installed that use the microphone

Factory reset using Sony PC Companion

Turn off Google app's "OK Google" detection on all screens

Don't use a Live wallpaper



-If the person of the other end of a call can hear you at all, it's most likely the noise suppression issue

-If the problem doesn't occur in safe mode, it's most likely an app causing it

-If none of these fix your problem, it's most likely a dry join on the microphone connector


For me, none of these suggestions fixed the problem. It intermittently worked so I got false positives all the time.

In the end, I am 90% sure it is a dry join due to poor manufacturing.

It seems to work ok in summer, but in winter the problem re-occurs. Thermal expansion?


Obiously, take the phone in to a Sony center if you're still under warranty.