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Xperia Tablet Z2 does not turn on, batery dead, no charging

Message 41 of 43
Message 41 of 43

Re: Xperia Tablet Z2 does not turn on, batery dead, no charging

My Xperia Z2 tablet stopped charging too. It happened when the battery was completely flat and so the tablet was switched off. I could not recharge the tablet (the red light would not come on).

I tried different cables, etc. No change. The problem was the charger. Sony, in its wisdom, has made the Xperia Z2 with a slow-charge battery. Continued use with a normal charger (these days most chargers are 1000 or 1500mA) causes the problem. It seems that these higher 'mA' chargers will work when you are topping up the power but not when the battery is completely flat. I was using a new charger (from my new Sony mobile) which is a 1500mA charger, and the red charging light would go off.

I changed the charger to a Sony 850mA charger (i.e. same charger that came with the tablet) and it now charges without fault, albeit slower.

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Message 42 of 43

Re: Xperia Tablet Z2 does not turn on, batery dead, no charging

Just tried putting my tablet in the freezer, and amazingly it worked, well it is charging now at least.



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Message 43 of 43

Re: Xperia Tablet Z2 does not turn on, batery dead, no charging

I'm so glad I found this forum. I thought my Z2 was dead for good. This is the sescond time it went totally dead. Strangely enough both times the battery level was about 30%, so it was not drained. The first time I've somehow knocked it back to life with the reset procedure. The second time to no avail. No sign of life, no charging dot. Tried different original Sony charger. Then the gold solution from you guys;

1. One hour in the freezer

2. Put the charger on

3. Push and hold the reset button for 2 minutes and release

4. Unit cabe back to life and started charging. (strangely battery level was 67%)

I have a huge book library on my tablet, and now won't let the battery drain below 40% without charging.

Cheers!Thumbs up