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heat up and lose battery very quickly

One time poster
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Yozz 01

My cell Xperia z1 suddenly heated. I can do this? 

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Re: Yozz 01

If you have lots of processes in the background and you also use internet and apps,it is normal to heat.

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Re: heat up and lose battery very quickly

My phone also getting hot after last update which is for album ends with 14 I don't remember exact name whatever.. Charge was good for a week but anymore my phone heating a lot I'm afraided if it burns by itself what should I do guys :/
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my z1 heating and camera stops :(

Hi guys u allright? I ve a problem with my Phone it seems heating more than before after album update. I don't remember exact name but it ends with 14 while I'm opening album it starts heating and im really afraided it looks like it will be exploded :/ bcoz of heating and camera stops and says camera unavailable Slightly frowning Face what's wrong with it I don't understand . Take pics and sometimes when I'm open camera quick and trying to take pics it takes pic but screen freezes and I'm pressing lock button and opening screen and closing app bcoz if I wait there's nothing happening what's wrong I don't know anyone has same problem?
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Re: heat up and lose battery very quickly

"What about this techeniq
Its work or not?
Also if root it i will lose my warrenty am i correct?"


i can confirm that this method did not work for me. i think it's not the cpu problem, but the battery itself.

i watch videos from album or browse the net, regardless of if it's wifi or 3g, the battery heats up very fast.

browsing for about 15 min heats the battery up to about 38C, which in my opinion is NOT normal.

not to mention playing games.

i understand that more demanding games use more resources.

but to compare, i play on my wife's lg g2 real racing 3, and after half hour of playing the battery temp is about 38-39, it never, and i mean NEVER, goes over 39-40.

on my z1 i play for literally 5 min and the battery temp is 41!!

i used navigation for 15-20 min and the temp was 48,5. it's just crazy.

also using the camera for taking pics or shooting video, heats the battery up fast.

i updated the phone to the new 4.4.4 firmware, hoping that it might have better optimization, but nothing....

i read on other forums about this, and some users say that their phone doesn't act this way.

maybe we in croatia and in other not se well developed countries get 3rd class devices??


it's not like the z1 is cheap so to heck with it and the temp problem.

it's a very expensive device, especially here in croatia.

it cost around 720 US dollars.


i didn't pay that much for having to deal with such problems.

i have a sony tv, sony hi-fi system and i had a lot of sony products in the past, never a problem with any of them, but the z1 dissapointed me very much.