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Z1 sudden death

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Message 1 of 4

Z1 sudden death

Hi all,

I already knew that I need a new phone due to some habits of my Z1, so I already got a XZ3 and started transferring data - but I was not fast enough.

This morning my Z1 died in my hands. First I assumed an empty battery (one of the problems), but after charching for  more that 2 hours I can say: this is not the problem.

The screen appears to be off, the status LED is red, but quite dark, when the phone is connected to a charger.

What I tried so far:

- pressing the power button in order to start the phone regularly (no reaction, really nothing)

- reset the phone via the hidden tiny red button (this let to a short vibration as espected)

- connecting to Windows via USB (simply nothing to see in Windows Explorer)

- connecting to Xperia compaginon. This tool says that the phone is locked, and I need to unlock it.

- pressing power button and "+" (volume control) in order to switch it off (3x vibration, and then everythings is off)

- pressing the "-" button (volume control) while connecting to USB (PC)


When I disconnect the phone from the charger, the red LED blinks several times, and then it's off.


I mean, ok: the phone is gone. Is there a way to get the data from it?



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Re: Z1 sudden death

I can already provide an update:

in the meantime the phone is completely off. No LED, nothing.

I guess this has something in common with the motherboard fault - that's what I found in other threads.


But still... is there a way to get the data?


Thanks -.-

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Re: Z1 sudden death

One more in my monologue.


I've been to a mobile repair shop and had a talk with the service guy.

They usually don't repair Sony phones or tablets, because they get always in trouble while they have less or no problems reparing other brands.

He measured the energy consumption when trying (!) to charge the battery - it's less than 0,1A which fits quite good to the LED (it is on again as long as the phone is plugged in).

He offered me to remove the internal memory chip in order to read it and decrypt the data.... 249 Euros. No way.


I as a "Sony-fan" have to say that from now on I will have a very, very close look onto the XZ3's behaviour. 5 years life span is not to much, I still own (and use!) a SE K800i. 100% working, just 2nd battery.

If the XZ3 failes the way as the Z1 did, the successor will be something different.

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Re: Z1 sudden death



you haven't tested a new battery yet correct?

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