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Z1 issues after 5.0 update

One time poster
Message 271 of 399
Message 271 of 399

Re: Z1 issues after 5.0 update

I have a noticed a barrge of problems since upgrading. One is I have noticed more problems with Google chrome, also when I press on something to being the keyboard up it lags or when it pops up goes away quickly. I tried downloading other browsers but they just force close now. My phone has gotten slower.
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Message 272 of 399

Re: Z1 issues after 5.0 update

Memory consumptions (some sony system applications propably have memory leaks in lolipop) remains my main problem with the Lolipop upgrade as well.

Background processes die left and right.

Example 1: I canˋt leave VoiceRecorder running in the Background. The notification mentions it is still recording but when I tap the notification after a few minutes, I discover that nothing has been recorded at all. The notification also does not go away anymore. The associated Activity has simply disappeared.

Example 2: Copying files with the builtin File Conmander: I copy and paste large files, then switch to another app. Then come back and find the copy has been aborted midway. The notification bar still shows File Commander copying, but the activitiy and task associated with the notification is DEAD.

The problem accumulates over a few days until after about 3 to 4 days the homescreen gets really laggy when you return to it. Eventually the phone reboots by itself (observed this a few times, guess it happens more often than I notice. Uptime debug information in SystemSettings seems to support this)

Please fix this Sony !!!
Forum Legend
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Message 273 of 399

Re: Xperia Z1 problems post updating to lollipop

Hi olrac57

I actually replied to a different thread which was merged then merged here.


Anyways, for new users, a software repair is the best step to proceed with whenever one installs a new android version.


And regarding that abnormal battery % drop, check this 


See if it provides any help.

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Message 274 of 399
Message 274 of 399

Re: Z1 issues after 5.0 update

I' ve already done that...
Message 275 of 399
Message 275 of 399

Re: Z1 issues after 5.0 update

Sony xperia in Lollipop.... From my point of view, the best mobiles with the worst so far android version.... Low battery life, high cpu temp, lagging issues, etc.... Ok you suggest the repair through pcc, can some of you verify that's really working??? Cause I use my Z1 mostly for work and not for pleasure (games etc..) and i can't spend time on experiments.
Message 276 of 399
Message 276 of 399

Re: Z1 issues after 5.0 update

My phone got very slow leggy and lot of problems as I discussed earlier, and was told to repair using pcc and I did it but, issues are still there but at small scale. First problem is that now WiFi is not getting detected, other is same as before after activating ultra stamina mode, disabled apps come back and X reality engine stops automatically with/without restart. Other problems are also on the way. I am noticing as I am configuring the device for my use with apps I need. Problems are no different than before plus Xtra problems make their way along with previous ones.
Message 277 of 399
Message 277 of 399

Re: Z1 issues after 5.0 update

Recently updated my Z1 to Lollipop and found few bugs which needs to be addressed by SONY.

1. Phone is heating up even with minimum usage.

2. Battery drains quickly even though i dont use any apps or WiFi.

3. Microphone issue while on a voice call breaks and unclear as the other side callers complain.

4. Low Ringer volume when receiving calls and notifications etc. from the sound speaker.

5. Ear speaker volume is low and unclear after the update.

6. Weather Widget Animations misplaced (incorrectly positioned)


Waiting for SONY to fix these & other issues soon in the next update.

One time poster
Message 278 of 399
Message 278 of 399

Xperia Z1 died at 45%

Ever since the android lollipop update, my phone battery has been draining very quickly. For the past couple days, my phone would go to around 45%, then it would just suddenly die. I have no idea why it's doing this, but if there is a solution or something please let me know

Message 279 of 399
Message 279 of 399


I'm yet another person let down by the latest Android update... my Z1 has been running abysmally for close on two months now, ever since I got the Lollipop update. Currently on 5.0.2. and I'm at my absolute wits end trying to deal with all of these problems - when I've never had problems at all before.

The biggest problem is the random but instantaneous 'battery death' I've been experiencing. The battery will drop to 0% in an instant out of nowhere, shutting the phone down. This occurs regardless of what the battery was on shortly beforehand... 40%, 60%, today it was 79% one moment, and 0% the next. Sometimes I can turn the phone on again, and the battery will be fine. More often it has declined massively... today I turned on the battery after it had dropped from 79% to zero, and it powered back on at 28%. I can sometimes do a soft reset of the phone, and it'll give it a bit of a boost. But more often than not this doesn't work either, and the battery just stays at zero. However it'll later charge incredibly quickly most of the time, rapidly returning to the battery power I had earlier on. Not much use out in public though. I've found out it happens more frequently when using multiple apps at once, and if I leave my 3G on at all... so I'm currently paying for a data plan I can't make much use of, and am stuck with a phone that cost a fortune that won't work. The problem is less frequent in Safe Mode, but it still happens. The battery will also often drain partially or entirely if I restart the phone, or shut it down and turn it back on.


I resorted to a factory reset several days ago, but it's done nothing. In fact today was the first day the phone has powered down twice in 24 hours! This is on top of other problems the phone has had since the 5.0 update - the on-screen home button sometimes becomes non-functional and only works again with a restart (which has now become a huge risk to the battery), the camera will also only load when it wants to. I sometimes open the camera app and am presented with a grey screen. I've not had that problem since the factory reset, but I wouldn't wager against it happening again. Album art has also been a problem, with images being blurry in the poorly renamed 'Music' app (it'll always be 'Walkman' to me) and some disappearing altogether since the update.

This is becoming unbearable. I've had to resort to keeping a spare external battery with me at all times, I've given up trying to arrange my music, I seldom bother trying to use the camera any more as it's just too risky, I'm not able to use the internet as it is also a risk to the battery. I'm wondering what I should try next. Will subsequent updates fix these kinds of problems, or am I going to have to be a bit more proactive about all this?

One time poster
Message 280 of 399
Message 280 of 399

my xperia z1 is just shutting down when it has 72% charge by showing 0%

like about an hour before my phone had 100% charge but some use when it has a battery of 72-75% it shuts down with a message 0% charge 
and this thing started after getting the upgradation of android 5.0.2

pls get me a solution for this
cuz its very difficult to take my phone out without a satisfaction that it can turn off anytime

and the best part
after switching off and restarting and then putting it back on charge , about 5 mins later it's showing again 65% charge 
and this is happening everytime
so pls get me a quick solution behind this