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Z1 issues after 5.0 update

Message 241 of 399
Message 241 of 399

Re: Z1 issues after 5.0 update

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Message 242 of 399

Re: Z1 issues after 5.0 update


I too had / have the following problems:

  • After 3 days of rutime: homescreen does not have enough memory to cache icons. and on return to homescreen constanstly reloads.
  • That means, after returning to homescreen, the phone is unusable in excess of 30 seconds !!
  • In 3rd party apps using the camera: The flash sometimes turns off too soon, i.e. before the app takes the picture
  • The System was observed to need more than 1,2 GiB of memory at times. (In the App-Settings) That looks like a memory bug
  • In that state, one can forget to run background apps. Sound recorder, Navigation, Locus (as a service), etc all become unusable and are killed after just a few minutes of runtime.

After recomendations from this Thread,

  • I backed up my data using "rsync for Android", "Sony Backup App", "Sony PC Companion", "Google"
  • I used pc comanion to repair device
  • Then did a factory reset on top of that


  • restored apps from playstore using Google, by logging into my google account after the reset and agreeing to Backup
  • restored the latest backup with the Sony backup application
  • tried to restored my backup from Sony PC Companion

Sony PCCompanion continiously increased its ETA until it hit 5h10. Obviously it never finished.
I retried it and on that occasion the ETA rose until 120h.

All of that did:
restore my contacts
NOT restore Contact Groups and association of contants with groups
NOT restore ICE contact information any Myself contact information
restore my WIFI connections (thanks google)
NOT restore bluetooth settings
NOT restore my homescreen icons and widgets
NOT restore my local calendar
NOT restore which applications I disabled
NOT restore recognized Faces in Sony Album
NOT restore Remote Share Settings
NOT restore Default Messaging App Setting
NOT restore White Balance Settings
NOT restore Account and Sync Settings !!!!!!!!!!!!
NOT restore SIP Accounts !!! (they are a pain to setup)
NOT restore Owner Information
NOT restore Walkman/Music Information downloaded from Gracenote
NOT restore app setting like Google Authenticator !! That one's my fault and should have been obvious... still cost me money though.
But that's nothing compared to the 100s of euros of lost time ...

I then restored the rest of my Internal Drive using "rsync for Android". That worked without problems but did not and could not solve above problems.

All in all the Sony Backup Applications were, sorry to say, LESS THAN USEFUL. The Phone-Backup-App, as I disocvered, only backs up a small set of applications.
Without the google backup recovery, I would have been completely screwed. Even here I'm lucky, since google restore has been rumoured to purge your backup data, if you should happen to log in to your google account on your resetted phone and not immediately agree to backup (and thus restore) your data.

For everyone else, I recommend you count on Google and rsync to save most of your data as the Sony Apps won't help you, even I they don't get invalidated by a software upgrade.

The worst:
It's now been "1 day since last restart" and "6 days" since the factory reset, according to Sony Debugging and already I've observed some lag on returning to the home screen and reloading the icons.
I'm afraid the reset which cost me more than a day of time, might turn out to NOT really have helped at all. Even though It seems (might just be my hope) that the problem is less severe than before.
I'll keep you updated in a few days, since the forum recommened to wait a few.

If only Sony would at least consider shipping their phones with TitaniumBackup.....

Don't get me wrong, I higly appreciate the great work that went into building this great phone.
Which is why it's so sad, that the "Updates" have made it decideable less useable than it was before.

Also just to voice some further concerns and doubts of mine:
Please look into fixing this, or someony might have to assume Sony is purpousefully briking their old phone with updates, to trick their customers into buying a newer model.
In that case, Me and my friends would have to, once again, abstain from Sony products for a time.
(As I did for more than a decade after sony decided to ship an Audio CD laden with their spyware, which on top of
snooping onto your media files, made your pc easily exploitable by third parties)

Btw: A friend owns the Z1 Compact and due to UI lag, can't accept or reject calls since Lolipop.

One time poster
Message 243 of 399
Message 243 of 399

Re: Z1 issues after 5.0 update

Thank you for the extensive report. I noticed the same issues, as I am sure most others did. 

Hopefully you get a better reply than the demeaning "wait a few days for it to stabilize".... But probably not.


Shame on you Sony for turning end-users into beta testers...

Message 244 of 399
Message 244 of 399

Re: Z1 issues after 5.0 update

For those like me that are looking for Telcel firmware:


Check this link

Z1 C6906 Telcel Mexico 14.4.A.0.157 y Z3 23.0.1.A.5.77 android 4.4.4


Good luck in your downgrade!

Les dejo la ROM de telcel por si necesitan recuperar una garantía tambien pueden pedir la ROM que necesiten del operador que necesiten TELCEL Z1 Z3
One time poster
Message 245 of 399
Message 245 of 399

Re: Z1 issues after 5.0 update

I was realy desperate and after following all the steps you just said my Z1 seems to fly

Message 246 of 399
Message 246 of 399

Re: Z1 issues after 5.0 update

@juanitoyole wrote:

I was realy desperate and after following all the steps you just said my Z1 seems to fly

I´m also desperate, please show me the link that you follow.


What´s your compilation number, mine is 14.5.A.0.242.



One time poster
Message 247 of 399
Message 247 of 399

Re: Xperia Z1 Android Lollipop troubles

I have same problems Slightly frowning Face Slightly frowning Face

Message 248 of 399
Message 248 of 399

Serious and annoying WiFi and mobile data issues

I have the dreaded WIFi problem with 5.02, and even problems with mobile data, where it randomly drops out, especially right after unlocking screen after sleep.


It works fine, but as fast as wake it from sleep, it either uses mobile data, even if WiFi is ON, and Stamina is OFF. Wifi won't turn on always. I think you have a bug with the mechanism reading signal strength, or wake / sleep issues with WiFi.


Sometimes mobile data stops working altogether. Only option is to reboot the phone.


I have tried

  • Restored the phone with PC companion, not restoring backed up stuff so it's clean (so don't try the "support" trick with "restore and come back 2 days later because we want to get you off our backs for 2 days")
  • Re-adding WiFi access point
  • Tried other access points with 2.5 GHz AND 5GHz (it seems to die off more rarely here, but it DOES happen).
  • Changing channel on router. Tried all of them.
  • Disabled A/B/G on router

With mobile data I don't have much of a choice, but I did change operator, and the problem has been there with both operators and both SIM cards.


I have tried just about anything, and it's incredibly annoying and expensive, since it switches to mobile data constantly, and also drains battery because it is in this state.


I really liked Xperia Z1 but these problems have really been there from the start as well, but became a real issue in 5.02. This is the 2nd Xperia Z1 since I thought the first one had a hardware problem with these issues. And frankly it has probably scared me from buying anything in this product series in the future.... I mean WiFi and mobile data has been around for years. It should't be too much to ask to have a working WiFi and mobile data for more than 30 minutes.

Message 249 of 399
Message 249 of 399

Re: Z1 issues after 5.0 update

Recently my phone has shut down due to lack of battery even though it has like 60%. This happens almost everyday and it's starting to get quite annoying. Starting the camera, calculator and some apps causes this shut down. The phone also gets very hot right before and after. Is there any way to fix this??????
One time poster
Message 250 of 399
Message 250 of 399

Re: Z1 issues after 5.0 update

I've just installed android 5.0.2 on my Xperia Z1 and now the battery only lasts 6 hours. Used to last a day and a half. Not sure what I can do as I've restarted repeatedly and drained it a few times. Can I somehow install the previous version?