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Over Heating problem, affects on camera

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Message 21 of 24

Re: Spontaneous Overheat

Hey , i found a solution to my own problem, (weird right) anyway apparently since i updated through the update center my phone has stored various unnecessary services and tasks left from Jelly bean and have been running while i was on kitkat, solution was to completley restore my phone via the PC/Mac companion app and reinstall the whole OS. (Note be careful if you do this cause if the phone is unplugged while restoring it might brick your, follow the onscreen instructions) by doing so my phone's battery returned to normal , the phone did not overheat, and the system was snappy and no lag when under use. This varies by each user but for my specific tasks , Whatsapp Twitter Instagram and camera it was perfect.

So do a system restore might fix it for you, i dont know if you restore from the settings if this will fix your problem, Oh and remember to back up all your data

@MasakadoMinamoto wrote:

ahhhh I'm having this problem too when I use it for long time Slightly frowning Face unfortunately there is no solution for this problem but to wait until it cool down again :/ the only thing I hate in my z1 is this problem the over heating issue I hope sony fix this problem soon !

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Re: Spontaneous Overheat

Interesting !! I should try it then after exams over.Thanks for the idea man :smileysmileythumbsup:

*Money is not everything in the world*
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Message 23 of 24

heating problem

recently brought sony xperia z1 4-5 days ago and updated to 4.4 the same day

when the usage was minimal it works fine but when i downloaded game

and begin to play game for more then 15 min phone starts heating.

when using camera for more then 10 min it also heat up.

please provide me a solution regarding this.

One time poster
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Message 24 of 24

Heating problem

Phone gets heated soon and Camera closes quite often when we capture in and around 8pics :-( help me out to resolve this problem plz.