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Mobile World Congress 2019

Sonys Press conference from MWC took place end of February
If you missed it you can watch it here.
Please join the discussion here and share your thoughts on what was anounced here. MWC 2019 discussion.

Meet Xperia Z1

Message 31 of 66
Message 31 of 66

Re: Meet Xperia Z1

I am the owner of a Xperia SP

But I also love Xperia Z1.
I think Sony's weak point is software
For example, calendar and email programs are trivial compared to Samsung's
Also Battery consumption that Sony did not optimize
Overall I expected from Sony, especially in software, is much higher

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Message 32 of 66

Re: Meet Xperia Z1

Can someone share a good tutorial for Z1 camera usage? I'd be grateful for that.


I know that if you don't make the right settings pictures won't get that good. I have a little experience and I found out that with the right WB and Exposure you can make great photos. But, I'm losing time to find the right setting for the right scene on manual mode.


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Message 33 of 66

New Xperia Z1 update

I was exchanging info (pictures, videos) between the cel phone and my computer

In the Sony PC Companion apeared a message "Update cel/phone"

I updated it

followed the steps

and then the update fell down

and now my cell phone can not turn on

when i tried to turn it on it says "The update failed, please be sure the phone and the computer are connected"


Now, each time I tried to turn my cell phone on the same legend apears.


What should I do?

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Message 34 of 66

Re: New Xperia Z1 update

Try this .If still not working,try to charge the phone for 1-2 hours and repair with sony update service.

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Message 35 of 66

Re: Meet Xperia Z1

Indeed it is a phone with great potential, it only needs firmware to support it. 4.2.2 works great for me now and with all the trouble I read about the latest 4.3 I think I will keep the 4.2.2. Why break an awesome phone.
One time poster
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Message 36 of 66

Re: Meet Xperia Z1

Estoy satisfecho con el producto, pero lamentablemente la cámara no es lo que esperaba, considerando el precio. Es urgente que arreglen el software para poder aprovechar al máximo la tecnología de la cámara. El Z1 lo sigo disfrutando, pero realicen ese cambio para poder decir que es el mejor smartphone :-). Gracias por la atención.
One time poster
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Message 37 of 66

Re: Meet Xperia Z1

Hi . I am Xperia Z1 C6903 user in Korea. And I bought it from . I just want to know if my z1 support AMR-WB(hd voice) speech codec, couse my service operator SK Telecom have already support Iphone 5/5s, Xperia Ray/Arc HD Voice over 3G.

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Message 38 of 66

Re: Meet Xperia Z1


im repairing phone in Iran.

I have a Sony xperia Z1 16G now

before se k750 ,k850,G900,P900,P1.w910,w980,X1,X2,X8,X10 ,mini,mini pro,Ray,Ion,Sola,TX,Z, and now Z1.

But now I want to go any brands.


in 2 week  over 50 xperia Z series or any series be Died.

2 Z1 just update to 4.3 will be die and no any solution for Fix this. chenge the Mboard.

5 Z Sleep of death after end call and no any thing change disply.

3 Z Ultra Screen Display no backlight or dark change IC light.

3 P and Sola Battery is dead Change This.



What is this Sony?

Any brands Have 4.3 and 4.4 android ver and me just 4.3



but now is Poor show


Face with rolling EyesSoory

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Message 39 of 66

Re: Meet Xperia Z1

As said 20.7 mega pixel camera but its only in manual mode... why?

if i am not wrong in auto mode its just 8 mega pixel...

and sir the resolution and focus is not as what said and shown...

i purchase z1 on 3rd jan 2014 and now its in repair from 5th jan for the camera Resolution & Focus problem.......

Total waste of money.. very disappointed...

Message 40 of 66
Message 40 of 66

Re: Meet Xperia Z1

one more Z1 dead after update to 4.3

I am afraid of updating or flashingCrying Face