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Does FM radio app has a problem in all Sony Z1 mobiles? pls help

One time poster
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Message 1 of 5

Does FM radio app has a problem in all Sony Z1 mobiles? pls help

I have been a loyal customer of Sony Mobiles for last 7-9 years. 
I have recently purchased a Sony Z1 mobile on 30.08.14 from Mobile Store, R-City Mall, Mumbai. I have observed some problems ( FM radio was not working & Heating up) and approached the store for product replacement. I got my phone replaced.
Now, my concern is -
> In the first mobile the FM radio was not working at all (100% problem). When you start the FM, it works for 5 seconds and the program crashes with a loud hissing sound. after that it doesn't work in any way.
> In the second mobile (Replaced / Swapped one), FM usually works fine. But on a detailed checking on the performance of FM, I could realize that the problem of software crashing still exists (but only to the extend of 5%).
On further search about this problem on Google, I have learned that many user have faced the same problem. Few links on this below>
Then, I called up Sony Customer Care, and CC executive updated me that it is software bug problem which Sony is working on to resolve, Once the bug fixing patch is released, it will get fully solved.
My question to Sony team / concerned manager is>
What is the actual issue, it is a software bug issue or a hardware related issue? Can this resolved with future software updates?
Kindly help. Should I approach the store again for replacement of the phone? Will that make sense?
Awaiting your speedy response.
Binu Nambiar
Forum Legend
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Re: Does FM radio app has a problem in all Sony Z1 mobiles? pls help

Have you tired Settings then Apps and swipe to All then locate and open FM Radio and tap on uninstall updates then reboot and test

For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations, for Nature cannot be fooled.   Richard P. Feynman

One time poster
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Message 3 of 5

Re: Does FM radio app has a problem in all Sony Z1 mobiles? pls help

Got a definitive answer yet, Sony?  


I've got FM Radio issues, as well -- Over 1 year, and 2 system updates since the original post. . . 

Scouring these forums, reveals that it's more than a Z1 problem -- It's an ongoing Xperia problem !


Here are my particulars:

Z1s (C6916)

Lollipop version 5.0.2

Build 14.5.B.0.247

FM Radio version 4.00



1.  Radio can be tuned, but is silent while the screen is on -- Power-off, and it will often (but not always) play sound.

2.  Radio may play for minutes or hours, but stops without any user input. No correlation to any events that I can identify.

3.  Radio volume abruptly goes to maximum upon SMS receipt.

       This problem, and user-suggested FIRMWARE solution were also described over 1 year ago here:


All three of these occur even when the phone is booted in SAFE MODE. 

Tried solutions offered in these forums, including wholesale uninstalls of third-party apps, and Clear Data / Force Stop of FM Radio followed by reboot.  So far, nothing has worked.


Is Sony still working on this?

Any help would be appreciated.


Z1s (C6916)
One time poster
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Message 4 of 5

Re: Does FM radio app has a problem in all Sony Z1 mobiles? pls help

I also have fm radio problem in my xperia z1 some time playing correctly but not for long time and another time it's not working properly.
One time poster
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Re: Does FM radio app has a problem in all Sony Z1 mobiles? pls help

Real shame that we have same problem even in 2017!

I have original Sony headphones and fm only works when screen if off!

 Otherwise its just blank, shame on Sony for missing such a bug in firmware