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Recover Data (photo/video) from Bricked Z1 Compact

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Message 1 of 2

Recover Data (photo/video) from Bricked Z1 Compact

Hello and happy holidays! After reading many threads I believe I may have a bricked device (Z1 compact). The problem started after it had been sitting idle for quite some time; it would not respond or accept a charge from it's factory charging adapter/cable. I then decided to change the battery leading to where I am now with the device. There is no SD or SIM installed at the moment.


Symptoms (while not connected to charging cable; via wall adapter or computer):

- Completely unresponsive

     - Does not respond to power button press

     - Does not respond to power/vol+ buttons press


Symptoms (when connected to charging cable; via computer):

- Brief red LED that quickly changes to a constant blue LED; no screen, sound, or vibration activity


Symptoms (when connected to charging cable; via wall adapter):

- Brief red LED followed by a Sony Xperia splash screen and battery charging status with amber LED

     - Battery charging status dissapears after a few seconds and LED remains amber

     - Battery currently ~70% charged

     - Cycle repeats when power or power/vol+ buttons are pressed


Symptoms (when connected to charging cable via wall adapter while vol- pressed)

- Straight to amber LED

- From this state, symptoms are the same as above when power or power/vol+ buttons are pressed


Symptoms (when connected to charging cable via computer while vol- pressed)

- Very brief green LED followed by very brief red LED and then nothing

- From this state; when power is pressed it vibrates three times then a brief red LED followed by constant blue LED


PC Companion does not detect device. I have attempted all of the steps noted at the link below except for the software repair option (I want to recover data) with no change:


When holding power or power/vol+ the device seems to cycle repeatedly through three vibrations, red LED, and blue LED.


Is there any hope in recovering photos and video from this device?

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Message 2 of 2

Re: Recover Data (photo/video) from Bricked Z1 Compact



The device is now fully charged and there are no changes to the symptoms previously noted.  Computer does not detect device when connected.  Several different USB cables have been used and result is the same for all.


I have read some posts/information indicating that a software repair might not delete media from the device.  Is this true?  I know that when running through the process in Xperia Companion it indicates that media will be deleted so I would like to know for sure as I would like to recover the media on the device.


Thank you.