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Xperia Z5 Premium won't turn on after abrupt shut off

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Message 1 of 1

Xperia Z5 Premium won't turn on after abrupt shut off

My Xperia Z5 Premium phone had a damaged middle frame that needed replacing - all the parts otherwise worked, but every single part has to be taken apart for that job. Anyway, after putting it all together again it worked except for the USB plug being a little loose. I didn't seal the new back panel on yet because I wanted to make sure everything worked and unfortunately the battery popped out while it was botting up with a 24% charge.

yeah, I know, abrupt shut offs are bad for any electronic device, especially during startup. Anyway, after that when I tried turning it on it vibrates 3 times. The charging cable held in better (though not perfectly) and the red light was steady, but it didn't show the percentage charged anymore. I figured that it just forgot what the charge level was at so left it to charge for a while especially since that's a common symptom of an insufficient charge. The light held red and steady for around half an hour indicating that it was charging, but then it would vibrate 3 times and then flash the boot screen then vibrate 3 times repeatedly for as long as the power cable was inserted.

After this when I tried turning it on there was a steady blue light briefly, so I read up on that and found this thread so took the sim card out and removed the battery for a bit then tried again. After plugging it back in (with the battery connected and sim card removed) the light held steady blue briefly then switched to red and then the battery charging indicator appeared as normal (but without the percentage showing still) and that's pretty much it. Pressing and holding the power button by itself resulted in the 3 vibrating beeps again while the white sony screen comes up again and then the battery charging indicator, but that's it.

Things that don't help: Holding power button + either up or down for even 10 seconds each; pressing the little yellow square button. and the usb connection is still not good for some reason meaning I can't easily hold it while charging to try combinations, and absolutely nothing happens with any combination of buttons while not plugged in. oh, and nothing happens differently when connected to a PC versus the outlet so the PC Companion won't help.

any suggestions?

Edit: I get 3 vibraties when I push the yellow button when it's not plugged in, but only after it does that vibrating repeatedly while plugged in thing.

Edit 2: OK, now this was really counter intuitive: When I was trying to tape one end of a USB cable into the phone (since it was a bit loose, and was worried the vibration was loosening the connection), with the other end unplugged, it tried booting briefly then failed. So I left it plugged in to the phone without the other end plugged into anything and after around 10 minutes without touching anything at all the phone turned itself back on! and everything worked! I really don't get why, but in any case I'm taking this oppurtunity to back everything up before I try to figure out why the USB connection is so loose to begin with.