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Tips & Tricks

If you want to get the max out of your Xperia phone then check out Xperia tips page.

4.4.2 - Battery Drain issue - Workaround \ Fix

Message 951 of 953
Message 951 of 953

Re: 4.4.2 - Battery Drain issue - Workaround \ Fix

Hi! my problem is with the screen, I consume a lot of battery, eventhough I have the brightness to the lowest ...? 

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Message 952 of 953

Re: 4.4.2 - Battery Drain issue - Workaround \ Fix

Hi guy's
Quick update on battery problems.
Here's how I did workaround to improve battery life.
This has been tested on Sony Z5 UK unlocked all networks.
So don't know if it will work on all Sony Xperia variants running marshmallow.
Finally received MM UPDATE OTA ON 27/04/16.
The update did indeed improve some battery issues but still no staminer mode as yet.
Any way update either OTA or via cable using pc companion.
Improving from around 6 hours use to around 9/10 use...
But still not good.
Step two.
Plug in to charger charge fully to 100% and use until 0%
Repeat this 3 times making sure battery is fully charged and discharged each time.
Then party charge phone and turn off phone and reattach charger until showing 100%
Turn on phone battery performance has improved.
From around 9/10 hours to approx 16/17 from single charge.
Good luck hope this one works for you guys
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Message 953 of 953

Re: 4.4.2 - Battery Drain issue - Workaround \ Fix

Our smartphones are getting more and more capable by the day. We use them for listen to music, watch videos and movies, browse social media, surf the web, play games, read and reply to personal and work emails, and now, with VR becoming a larger focus, you can even enjoy a completely different world and experience while sitting in the comfort of your own home. Of course, on the rare occasion that it is required, you can even make a phone call.

One aspect of the smartphone that unfortunately hasn’t kept up is battery, and the only real solution is to either get a device with a huge battery, or take advantage of phones with fast charging capabilities, so at least you aren’t wasting a lot of time charging it. There are a few things you can do to get the most out of your phone however. Admittedly, these tips and tricks aren’t going to double or triple your battery life, but at the very least, you won’t end up with a switched off device when you need it the most. Let’s take a look!

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