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Xperia ZL suddenly shuts off

Message 21 of 27
Message 21 of 27

Re: Xperia ZL sudden death

That's nice, hope it works perfectly for you! But my case, I guess, it's a little more complicated since the warranty has expired. And it seems like the software update (to the 4.4 version) is not available in my country. I've never seen the notification of the new version. Actually I didn't know a thing about this update until I was searching for the sudden death.

I got my Xperia a year and a half ago, so I was wondering if it's a battery problem like I said in the post.
One time poster
Message 22 of 27
Message 22 of 27

Re: Xperia ZL sudden death

Started experiencing this problem a couple of days ago. Works fine as long as it's plugged into the charger.

4.4.2 installed and running for a while now, and no new apps installed in the last few months except for the usual Facebook updates and such.

As the phone won't completely boot up unless plugged into the charger I don't think this is a software or app problem, most likely the battery has lived it's useful life or there's a bad connection somewhere in the battery circuit.

One interesting note, in normal mode the battery will display a significantly higher charge than when rebooted in safe mode. Also, sometimes when I plug it in after it unexpectedly shuts down the LED will be lit red.

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Message 23 of 27

Re: Xperia ZL Power off even battery is full

What is solution.
Even Sony service centre cannot give solution and root cause.
Thank god that ma cell is under warranty.
They only providing Refurbished handset rather than going to root cause.
Any one know how to resolve issue.
Sony india is always giving poor service..
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Message 24 of 27

Re: Xperia ZL phone is not starting and when it does it shuts off

The root cause is not yet identified by Sony service.
If u r in warranty then you will get refurbished handset else ur phone may waste.
Phone is not repairable by running in safe mode,repair by pc companion or by Software update.
Solutions given here will work for you which not worked for me.
Pathetic service and solutions by senior membors here ...
Message 25 of 27
Message 25 of 27

Re: Xperia ZL Power off even battery is full

i was just researching same problem,came across forum on xda that said it is a defect with battry ground. search for xperia wont turn on unless conn. to charger. good luck.


One time poster
Message 26 of 27
Message 26 of 27

Re: Xperia ZL Power off even battery is full

I have same problem and still no respon from SONY for this case.

Launch an update without testing.

Poor Service Center respon in Indonesia.


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Message 27 of 27

Re: Xperia ZL Power off even battery is full

i had this problem before and i replaced the battery and it working perfectly now

this is my phone before battery replacement

and this is the original battery that i replaced 


Xperia ZL sudden death problem it switchs of automatically and doesn't turn on unless i plug in the charger replacing the battery will solve the problem