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Xperia Z keeps restarting when charging; cannot charge nor switch on

One time poster
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Re: Xperia Z keeps restarting when charging; cannot charge nor switch on

Hi, Dear friend, My Xperia z ultra restart again and again when my phone battery charge more then 50 %. It is normally use when battery discharge and remain 50 %. It's battery also discharged in normal Way. I m apply all the trouble shooting method like as by holding power and volume up button etc. I'm also update my Xperia z ultra with 🍭 lollipop version but problem remain still. Please help me. I shall be very thanks for your help please.......
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Re: Xperia Z keeps restarting when charging; cannot charge nor switch on

Hello there,


I would recommend you sending your phone to the nearest Xperia service centre. When my phone went haywire, none of the self-help methods actually worked for me. I only salvaged my phone after sending it for service. I'm sorry i cannot help in any other way. All the best!

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Re: Xperia Z keeps restarting when charging; cannot charge nor switch on

Get a charger for Apple iPad, which charges with 2.2A. This way you should reach the 1% fast enough and prevent restarting. It worked for me!

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Re: Xperia Z keeps restarting when charging; cannot charge nor switch on

Thanks for this thread. I'll try to contribute my five cents to this post. 


My Z5 compact decided to get the same symptoms as TS (and many many others....) have been experiencing.


This happened in june last year. What happend is that it stopped taking the charge from my charger on a hot summer day on the beach. I remember the device turning unusually hot, running empty quickly, not taking charge, resulting in the continuous reboot loop after trying to charge and start the device.


I tried many forms of resets but ended up with an apearingly bricked phone.


Until I picked it up from the shelve and decided to give it a charge recently. I got it up to 12% and got it to boot without any issues. But while it was on, it didn't take any charge anymore. (Hearing the charging/disconnecting sound played every other second or so)


The power connector has been replaced in june as I assumed the issue was dirt or a damaged connector (due to wreckless cleaning with a needle) so this shouldn't be the issue


I'm wondering if some parts are fried or if the battery might have gotten weak, either by an unknown event or short-circuiting while cleaning


It's interesting to read the iPad charger tip. I was told specifically to charge with the sony original charger.


Charging with the iPad charger would make sense in case of a poor battery as charging with high power usually revives the baterry to some extend.


After the battery ended up on 8% charge, it ended up in the reboot-loop after I (stupidly) powered down the device.


So now I'm back at square one. I'm starting to wonder if in my case the battery is the issue? What would others assume? I was on the latest software.


I'm also wondering if there are any ways to bypass the battery, connecting the phone to an extenal power source. I'm willing to open up the phone and scrap it as I'm really keen to restore months of lost family images. So dear Sony, please don't answer with suggesting to send it into service as I care more about restoring the images than keeping the (rather dissapointing) phone alive.

What can I do to make the my device run again? I've recently witnessed that the sofware runs as it should. All I want to do is send over my photos to google photos and move on with my new phone.


Best regards, Marcel