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Xperia Z, ZR, ZL 4.3 Update Bugs

Message 91 of 389
Message 91 of 389

Re: Xperia Z, ZR, ZL 4.3 Update Bugs

Guys. I think along with. 4.3 Sony is expanding its. SEN. it has got sen account manager installed. I could easily sign in. But as other apps are not installed yet I'm not able to use the service.
Please note that earlier in 4.2.2 I could not lodging using the same app. It just might come soon :-P
Xperia ZL C6502 (Replaced with a Perfect Phone)
Message 92 of 389
Message 92 of 389

Re: Xperia Z, ZR, ZL 4.3 Update Bugs

Yes I updated my zl to 4.3 and I also feel the same bugs you mentioned here.Hope Sony will rectify it with new optimisation update...
Message 93 of 389
Message 93 of 389

Re: Xperia Z, ZR, ZL & SP 4.3 Update Bugs

Hey this is a common problem, even am facing the same problem "after the much awaited, so called 4.3 update".Eventhough the interface in much smoother (ofcourse kudos to Project Butter), i lost all the pre-defined themes (which were excellent), smart social camera wasnt the same as promised(not even close to what we have in Z1) and to add more to it "Sony Select" isnt working.

Some how i managed to add Smart Social Camera components from PlayStore.Thanks to Xda dev group also.


Note: No lags or performance issue were noticed by me after the 4.3 update.If any please re-install it using PCC or SUS

Message 94 of 389
Message 94 of 389

Re: Xperia Z, ZR, ZL 4.3 Update Bugs

5. Emails received using Exchange active sync in the native app are not gerting displayed.

Headers seem to be getting downloaded ok, emais can be sent ok.

One time poster
Message 95 of 389
Message 95 of 389

Xperia ZL 4.3 bugs

My Xperia ZL got some annoying troubles after updating it to 4.3, requires fixing/improvement:
1. Walkman's search doesn't show results for most of music files (was working perfectly on 4.2.2).
2. Updated keyboard is troublesome.
First, it adds needless space after every word on its own(writing something with swyping). For example, I try to write my email or site and have to remove all the spaces every time. At least give us a chance to turn this off.
Second, the word-guessing feature works worse than before. Less options to choose, harder to write.
Overall: keyboard on 4.2.2 was much better.
3. Camera: was expecting improvements, got the opposite. Why? Why can't we switch off this loud sound when we turn on the camera? I don't want my phone to yell:"I TURNED ON THE CAMERA, HEY, EVERYONE!":-))
And now it's not possible to choose the resolution of superauto photos.. Nor can we go to video capturing options quickly anymore...

So, these are the most disturbing features we all got from updating to 4.3. Hope they will be fixed!
What's your opinion about this?
Message 96 of 389
Message 96 of 389

Re: Xperia Z, ZR, ZL 4.3 Update Bugs

After a few more days of phone usage on 4.3 andriod, here's a few more things I've noticed:

- Power button won't work at random takes 2-3 pushs to light the screen.
- Battery lifre varies. I think Stamina mode has some issues, because sometimes my battery drains rapidly with regular usage and sometimes it's fine. (No unusual stuff shown in Power Management)
- Applications are a bit slower now at operating then before and they tend to crash more often now...


Message 97 of 389
Message 97 of 389

Xperia Z after updating to 4.3 have major bugs

The screen of the Phone is little bit short because some text are hiding behind the line of the apps,Navigation bar not transparent till now no notifications widget on lock screenin camera we cant choose image size in superior Auto mode as before we could. PLEASE FIX THESE BUGS IT MEANS A LOT
Message 98 of 389
Message 98 of 389

confirmed bugs of xperia ZL with 4.3 update



I would like to know what all confirmed bugs and probable update with fix.


One thing noticed is camera picture quality gone bad.

Message 99 of 389
Message 99 of 389

Wow. 4.3 is now buttery smoooooooth !

Just updated the software of my Xperia Z to 4.3.
Only updated about half an hour ago so not had much time to check for any noticable issues.
Two major differences I can see, is that the menus, home screen is now buttery smooth and the keyboard is a lot more accurate.
Message 100 of 389
Message 100 of 389

4.3 update and sw2

I updated my Xperia z today, and to cut a long story short. My Sony sw2 now cuts off the wifi. On my phone. With the sw2 off I can connect to the Internet normally also showing 8 other networks. I turn the watch on and one by one networks disappear and my wifi. Will not work.