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Xperia Z Battery Life

Message 31 of 55
Message 31 of 55

Re: Xperia Z Battery Life

when i turn the stamina on and off there no difference between the estimated time, there definatley something wrong there

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Message 32 of 55

Re: Xperia Z Battery Life

please do not start another thread on this and do some reading on this forum

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Message 33 of 55

Re: Xperia Z Battery Life

I have the issue with my phone that the battery is going down too fast. If I use Facebook Messenger to chat with someone for 1 hour, the battery is gone. With the internet on, STAMINA mode on (only for Messenger), and locked screen on 90%, the battery lasts like 4 hours. It's been a week already since the first charge and the STAMINA activation and nothing changes.


Sony mobile aouthorized Service told me that they will need to open the phone to change the battery. Is that even possible to open that phone since the battery is not removable ? 

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Message 34 of 55

Re: Xperia Z Battery Life

consider yourselves lucky, some people only has around 5 to 6 hours life

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Message 35 of 55

Re: Xperia Z Battery Life

two days ago my battery ZR is consuming me between 50 and 85% in media server and do not understand why?

when I check the battery usage :

-media server used 50% (sometimes 85%)

-screen 25%

- cell standby 11%

-Android system 8%,

- phone idle 8%

- wifi 6%,

- os 4%

-voice calls 3%

-Clean master 3%

-phone 2%

normally the screen was the highest value and for some reason the media server up a lot

When I click on the media server, I can see the percentage used and below says: "battery used by the application" but I don´t know to which application refers to deactivate it. I can not find what the problem is but that is consuming a lot of battery. Help me please!

Message 36 of 55
Message 36 of 55

Terrible battery life

Like in another thread (, my new xperia Zq have THE MOST TERRIBLE battery life I have ever seen. It averages a 6% drop each hour ON STANDBY, which means that, if I DO NOT TOUCH IT, it runs dry in less than 20 hours.


At first I got "Android OS" as a 30%+ culprid, with pretty much the exact screenshot like the thread above. After a couple of days tweaking and installing Juice Defender Plus (which disables 3G and only enables it once every 30 minutes) the battery usage stats went to a more "normal" state, but I still get like 4~5% usage per hour ON STAND BY/IDLE, with this processes:


Android Os: 16%

Cell standby: 15%

Media Server: 14%

Screen 10%

Voice calls: 10%

Phone: 7%

Phone Idle: 7%

Google Services: 7%

Facebook: 5%


It is impossible to use a phone that have 20h stand by time, not to mention if this is the norm, I wonder why every brochure of xperia Z tells me 500h+ of Stand By Time (3G) ... THAT IS A LIE


I have tried everything out of returning it. The only situation where battery life is stable is in airplane mode (I didn't keep it too long, but for 7 hours in Airplane mode, it dropped 1% ... ONE PERCENT ... in battery. Then in airplane mode + wifi (connected to my home network) it also kept a steady flat usage. But as soon as I turn on mobile capabilities (it doesn't even need to be mobile data), there goes battery life, 5% an hour.


I will try this forum a while, then tech support, then return if this is indeed how Sony goes.



Forum Legend
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Message 37 of 55

Re: Terrible battery life

Hey. I'll help you with your battery backup


Do you have the battery stamina mode turned on ?

Settings > power management  > battery stamina mode. 


As you said, you gett good battery backup in airplane mode. Even your cell standby % is high ( 16%)

This might be the cause.

I need screenshots of your battery backup.

This is how to take it 

Press and hold Power Button and Volume Down button exactly at the same time and hold them there until you take a screenshot



Take screenshots of the graph, and of the top 5-7 processes. ( Tap on each process and take a screenshot )

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Message 38 of 55
Message 38 of 55

Re: Terrible battery life

Hi, today was a test day, I removed the SD card and didn't listen to music on my way to work. The use was 3.7% per hour totalling about 50% consumption in 14:30h, a good record, but not the best.


But before I post all the data from TODAY, I would like to share from last sunday when I ran a couple of more tests, and the most interesting was DISABLING 3G. As you can see on the graph below, after I disabled everything (airplane mode, seen as the lack of mobile signal) the battery usage totally stopped. After one hour I re-enabled mobile data, but kept 3G and wi-fi off, still no usage. Then I enabled Wi-fi and, again, no usage! Only with 3G enabled the battery when crazy (almost 6% per hour):




Now, off for today. Normal usage (mostly stand by, traded a few messages on Facebook with my wife, 30 minutes screen on according to the battery management), except as per someone hinted on this forum, I removed the SD card (which did not come with the phone, had 1Gb of music from another Sony phone) and, thus, I didn't listen to music as I usually do on my way to/from work (+- 15 min headphones each trip):





Note Juice Defender high on the list. It is set to keep 3G (mobile data) disabled and only enable it once every 15 minutes, for 1 minute. You can see it is doing it's work on cell idle info below (should be only 6% on time, but looks like 24% on time because Juice Defender re-enable 3G when you use the phone too).


I am NOT using any of Sony's battery power management because they don't actually work: Stamina mode kills all connectivity, which makes the phone useless as a SMARTphone. So I would need to add all apps I want to keep working like Facebook or WhatsApp, except these are the ones who need conectivity all the time, totally voiding Stamina mode from working, much smarter approach is using Juice Defender to enable/disable 3G periodically.


Also not using "low battery mode" because again it would disable stuff that the phone is meant to have, like again 3G (mobile data) or WiFi (which is best enabled if available).


I AM using location based Wi-Fi, which works quite nicelly, to keep the phone on WiFi while at home and disable it when not. Also, Juice Defender automatically shuts down Wi-Fi if no connection is made in 60 seconds, which is good because it means it shuts down Wi-Fi when I leave home faster than the location based Wi-Fi.


While Juice Defender did use 9% today, It safed so much by keeping 3G off that it's better this way. The first graphic did not have Juice Defender.


Now off to the top usage apps:






As you can see, Android OS is the main user (I think it's 3G masked in there), Cell idle (often normal right?) and screen (only 30 minutes and it's there, but probably because I didn't do much else today).

Message 39 of 55
Message 39 of 55

Re: Terrible battery life

I don't know if this is related, but just got the 10.3.A.0.423 update NOW ... as in right NOW. 


Sony is sort of slow on the update front huh? anyway, should this update do something to improve battery life? we will see. Tomorrow will be testing day again.

Message 40 of 55
Message 40 of 55

Re: Terrible battery life

Keep testing. I m trying also to figure out how to have a decent battery life and still some smartphone feature...
From my experience the 3g is probably the main battery drainer.
I use snapdragon battery guru to enable WiFi according to location and I shut down mobile data every time I can get WiFi.