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Xperia Z Battery Life

Message 51 of 55
Message 51 of 55

Battery problem in Xperia Zl



I have always been a SONY fan since my childhood. The trust my dad had in this brand was inherited in me.

I have always used Sony products and Sony phones since decades.

I got a XPERIA ZL the day after it was launched on 12 March 2013. I was very excited to have the phone I had long been waiting for. It had no issues till now, but now the battery has jus got too weak. I need to charge it thrice daily, and to my surprise when I get up in the morning I find the phone out of battery, even though im not using 3G internet.

I gave my phone to the Authorised service centre at Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi, and they assured to replace the battery. But when I went to collect the phone, im told that the battery is not replaced as its good . On my several attempts to explain them the problem the battery was not replaced.

I have always advised my friends, friends of friends to buy SONY phones, but today I myself feel cheated.

You buy a 36000 INR phone and the battery is dead in jus 9 months. And there is no support provided.


SONY its a great loss to loose a trustworthy customer.

But I guess KAZUO HIRAI isnt aware what is sold in the name of a mighty brand, cheap plastic...

Really disappointed in you SONY.Crying Face


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Message 52 of 55

Re: Battery problem in Xperia Zl

Its been more than 24 hours...and dere is no response fron SONY.

Is this forum obsolete or something..

What is wrong?? No value for cusomers??????

I guess facebook would be a better option...

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Message 53 of 55

please explain

check out this video

now tell me, why xperia z battery life is horrible. i want to know why my phone is giving **bleep**ty battery life...not only mine..almost all it a sony fault that i m suffering?

Lets find out what phone has the best battery, HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S4 or Sony Xperia Z? Please read: Unfortunately I was using a live wallpaper on the Xperia Z which consumes more power, but that should only account for a small part of the difference here! In my new battery comparison with the
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Message 54 of 55

Re: please explain

Sam,stop posting that video,every user has a different battery life,depending on the usage of the phone(data,wifi,games,bluetooth etc).

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One time poster
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Message 55 of 55

Re: Xperia Z Battery Life

Hi, i still have the battery life issue with this xperia Z. Battery can hardly last half a day. Stamina mode doesnt work anymore, i hope sony solves it and provides a solution, otherwise i dont think i ll will be buying sony anymore. It is extremely annoying.