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Xperia Z Battery Life

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Message 41 of 55

Re: Terrible battery life

Well today I got a normal-use-day out of it and there was a clear improvement from friday. The two main differences: The update that happened friday, and I formated the SD card and transfered my music back to it but while the SD card was the phone (the SD card was from an xperia arc S, so it had lots of files that were from that phone).


I don't know which made the most difference, but from the 5~6%/hour I were getting before, I got a solid 4%/hour.


Still FAR from the 500 hour advertised. My xperia Arc S (2 years old battery) survived 2d18h this weekend with normal use (some calls, some music, some IM), while the Z keeps the 4~5%/hour game that makes it hardly reach a day.


Using location based wi-fi to enable it at home, and Juice Defender to manage 3G and WiFi further. 3G configured to turn on/off each 15 min for 1 min.


Will try Juice defender off tomorrow.


I got ZERO reply from Sony's store, Sony official support page, and as it seems, this forum is only speculative. 


And then people wonder why they choose other companies, when you get a product that doesn't live up to the announced AND you have no support on it. Expected better from Sony.

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Message 42 of 55

Re: Terrible battery life

There is something wrong there. The biggest battery uSer is the screen followed by cpu/ gpu. If I dnot touch my device, it'll last days.
since airplane mode works fine. I am  guessing you live in a poor signal area, causing the device to waste battery to maintain a connection.

I think your juice defender antics are pointless. disconnecting and reenabling the  3g is probably worse. you dont use a great thick/metal case do you?

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Re: Terrible battery life

I don't use any case and the signal is very strong (tower some 3 blocks away), all other 3G mobile devices work great and with good battery life.


Screen/cpu is only the greatest battery users if you are "using" your mobile, like screen on and playing a game or whatever. When the devide is idle, screen is off and cpu is negligible, thus for a idle use that only makes calls and use facebook and listens to music (which is what I use this phone most of the times, for games and browsing I use a phablet), I would expect media server/walkman to be high on the list (it's currently in 3rd now). My screen on time these days were only 30 min!


3G is often a huge battery drain because the antena needs to connect to hundreds-of-meters (often a couple of miles) away towers, wile WiFi for instance is designer to connect at most to 50m. Disabling the 3G is a huge boost, and Juice Defender bought me a couple of hours worth of battery by disabling it periodically. 


Current usage: 4.5%/hour (better than near 6%/hour at OP, but still too high. My old phone still gets me 3%/hour with higher usage!, but a friend nearby with a Samsung Galaxy S4 gets 1%/hour!)

Forum Legend
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Message 44 of 55

Re: Terrible battery life


After observing your screenshots, one can totally tell that

  1. You're getting a very good battery backup considering you don't have the Battery Stamina Mode turned on. You're going to get quite more than this if you have it in action.
  2. Usage by Android OS is normal. It's not just a single app but the OS.
  3. Usage by cell radio is highly abnormal. The main battery killer is poor signal and 3G. Due to poor network signal, your device is consuming battery a lot ( Time without signal is 74%. Which means cell radio constantly uses battery to search for signal ) . For users getting good signal all the time wouldn't even see the cell standby under top 5-7 in battery usage stats.  Ofcourse you could see how well you are getting in airplane mode. I get a depletion of 1% / 8 hours Winking Face


I must say, try Stamina mode for a day and so, exclude all the apps you need from the black list.

Add Location based wifi to standby list, even juice defender so that it remains active all the time and manage your phone as you want. It's totally upto you to use Stamina mode you know, I'm just saying to try it Slightly smiling Face


S4  has bigger battery.You galaxy S4 friend has 3g on all the time ? and is he getting similar cell by stats ?


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Message 45 of 55

Re: Terrible battery life



So, disabling Juice Defender and enabling Stamina Mode without any apps set, which is kind of counter-intuitive (why do I want a smartphone that does nothing while on standby, as of, no IM etc?), I got around 3%/hour. Slightly better than with Juice Defender (3.5%/hour), but NO INSTANT MESSAGING.


Adding Facebook and a couple of apps I use in the background (schedulers, alarms etc, just to be sure), I got back to the worse case scenario: 6%/hour.


So I am stickying with Juice Defender (3G on every 15 minutes for 1 minute, instead of never in Stamina Mode, or always without Stamina Mode OR with Stamina Mode with every app I use in the exception lists).


Still don't see this as a signal issue, as my 3 year old xperia Arc S can manage 2.5%/hour with no restrictions. 


I can't tell about my friend's S4 because he lives far, so if it is signal based, would be off.


Also, I got the same drain both home and at work (at work I do have a bad signal, but the weird thing is: at home with a good signal and at work with bad signal, I get the SAME battery usage)


Here is a thought. I once read that some phone companies don't throttle their signal properly after handshake, leaving the signal at maximum instead of the standard suggestion of asking a power reduction until the signal is still decent to save energy AND wavelength. They do that to get the sensation of cristal clear signal (which kinda makes sense, except my signal at work is terrible anyway, probably because of my bay inside the building - far from windows). Maybe my carrier does that, doesn't throttle the signal down and requests the phone to keep max power on the antena.


Still doesn't explain my old phone using less battery with same signal quality, but then it's a one-core 4.3" phone and not quad-core 5"


I guess I have to get used to it.


But please, let Sony know that 2330mAh is kind of a small battery for such a huge phone. Kind of jealous of LG G2's 3000mAh battery now.

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Message 46 of 55

Re: Terrible battery life

I have some tips and tricks to improve battery life see this link : Improve battery life of smartphone


Hope it helps you.




Have a nice day Slightly smiling Face

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Message 47 of 55

Re: Terrible battery life

Yes, those are pretty basic tips. If you read the whole thread, you would notice we all agree that real battery killers are hardware related, like antena/signal, screen, sensors or tasks that keep the phone from entering deep sleep. Also, Sony have an abobe-the-average power management tools when compared with stock android. The stamina mode appart (turns your smartphone in a dumphone), the location based wifi and low battery switch are handy.


Cluttered home screen no longer afectts android 4.3 and animations are not an issue when compared to the big league consumers.

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Message 48 of 55

xperia z battery problem

i have bought xperia z 3/4 days ago..with my really hard cash.

but its battery is so poor Slightly frowning Face

i thought its my battery problem...but no, i checked some review...its battery is really poor..if you watch a movie of 2/3 hours,,,ist gone..

i updated it to 4.2.2 also used stamina mode....all are false.

i moved from samsung to sony with a hope...but now i see wow...what a wrong i have done....

now who will take care of me? provider said...its common...but why samsung s4 give 12 hr video playback and sony xperia z only 5 hourse...even z1 is same...thanks god i havnt bough  i m looking for a customer to sell it with loss Slightly frowning Face is it fair? what to do now sony???? why dont you chk your mobile before releasing? s4 mini gives 13 hours playback with z gives 5 hours with 2300 z1 is 3000mah > it a joke?

hope i will not buy a sony product a revenge a will not let anyone to buy ..whom i know....

thanks for your really great bravia cheating Slightly smiling Face Slightly frowning Face

One time poster
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Message 49 of 55

Terrible Battery

Hey guys, Just got an xperia z 5 days ago and I have to say it's one he'll of a beast! From graphics to performance. Also my battery would last very long going 13h of usage with 50% left. But yesterday my battery started draining super quick with No setting adjustments at all. My stamina is on with whatsapp on the whitelist and everything else to save power is switched to on. Yet still! One thing I did notice is that now my screen usage is gone up to a drastic 50%!!! With my brightness at its lowest. Pls help me someone. I feel like the fate of my sanity lies in this forum Slightly frowning Face 

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Message 50 of 55

Re: Terrible Battery

Do not use task killers,battery savers,free ram apps.Try to disable phone functions like blutetooth,wifi,data,nfc when not using,they drain really much.Remember to always restart the phone on a regular basis(2-3 days).

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