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Super Fast Battery Drain After Lollipop

Message 41 of 286
Message 41 of 286

Re: Need End User review for Android 5.0 for Xperia ZR

I strongly advise you to wait for a fix or some announcements from Sony. Battery drain is immense. If you have an external battery about 6000mAh so you may upgrade. That's approximately what you need for a one day with Xperia Z in 5.0.2.  Phone's performance is quite good actually in games or starting times of some applications like youtube is little lower which is good. But intense heating reduces performance also..

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Message 42 of 286

Battery Drain and Excessive Heating issues after upgrading to Lolipop - Xperia Z

So first of all I would like to thank all the Sony employees for Lolipop update for entire Z serires. I think Sony is on the right way focusing more on the software side of the smartphones.


Today I updated my Xperia Z, using PC companion from 4.4.4. to 5.0.2. Lollipop.


-About PC companion

In my first attmpt PC I selected the yes option in PC companion which was about If you want to unplug your device. When the update is prepared and then downloaded, program said I must plug my device again. And when I plugged the PC compainon was freezed and I had to force shut it. It didn't caused any problem for me but some users might have trouble with it. I might have that problem because when I unplugged my device I turn it off, put it to charger and then turned it on then plugged. My turning off and on between insalisation progress might have caused it, or it happens most of the users. I selected the no option when I try for the second time which I sucseeded, so I recommend you guys to check it if there is problem about that because that is quite important for most people.


-About 5.0.2 Xperia Z Lollipop look & feel and features

Lockscreen looks beatiful in my opinion. Some wallpapers like the sunset with spikes that came with original Xperia Z wallpaper looks very elegant. It also matches the black colour of the Xperia Z front panel, just a minor detail. Also love the new Live Wallpapar which colours changes faster which is better in my opinion, and it looks better, deeper and more emotional which I'm quite impressed. (that was existing for a long time for Z2 and Z3).

Notifications and animations are quite nice. But I see some minor stuttering sometimes while pulling the notification tray but that's not a big problem. By the way the notificaiton tray on 4.4.4 was very laggy and making me angry. The most important thing about the new Lockscreen is that I can't costumise the toggles. Yeah you might think you must click the button near the settings. Yeah It changes these toggles but they and their order does not change in the Lockscreen menu. They change after unlocking the phone. Here is what happened and why I realized it's a bug:

Normally I wasn't using the Locsreen because it was quite useless for me. So the Screen Lock was selected "none" when I was in the 4.4.4. And the update finished for 5.0.2 I saw that I can customise toggles in Lockscreen and I put something. But then I didn't see any Lockscreen until I select the Swipe option. And right now It is still like what I did on the first start up I can't change the toggles when in the Lockscreen. Also wish I had and option for unselecting bluethooth because I don't use it that much but again, it is minor detail. ALSO another bug that I discovered from this morning (I should be program or game tester XD) when you Lock the screen then put your finger on the screen it vibrates and opens the clock options for Lockscreen but in the backgorund(when the screen is turned off). That's all for Lockscreen for me. The changing wallpaper animation is very good compared to 4.4.4. In 4.4.4. you could see black nothingness for about 1 second and that was quite bad (My best Lockscreen animation still remain the 4.1.2. by the way Slightly smiling Face (4.2.2 was worse because you weren't seeing what was behind the Lockscreen wheras in 4.1.2. you can)


Home Screen is now clean, new swiping animation is more basic I which personally I like better. (My favourite was 4.1.2 again xD By the way are the guys who made how the 4.1.2 and 4.2.2. looks still in Sony Grinning Face?) I think the gap between the bar which is close to soft buttons (where the dialer and others) and the bar which has Music, Album etc. is quite big. Obviously it is bigger than 4.4.4 but I think it is a little too big for me or I just could'nt get use to it in 1 day. Ahh and a bug I was going to say.. Actually this bug I will write exist since 4.1.2 I guess. I was expecting to be solved in Lollipop I thought because it is completely new.. But no, that little bug still exist. Here is how you do: (I hope you it is a bug that you guys can fix)

Make your home screen number one which will say number 1. Then add 2 3 4.. to right of it. ( You can add to left also but I'm giving an example here Slightly smiling Face Once you get it you will understand the problem.) Then go to 5 (or around 5 that you can understand the problem better). Then tap the home button but as soon as you tap the home button try to swipre left or right direction. You will be returned to near the number 5 instead of the one you want to go the pager near 1..


Setting menu is very responsive, the latency is minimal so that the phone feels very good while you are swiping in the setting.. Setting menu in 4.4.2. was joke. Seriously I don't know how Sony made it lag and stutter a simple setting menu that much at that time, I don't know Slightly smiling Face Actually 4.4.4. they fixed it. ( Or maybe you guys fixed XD but the keyboard section had the same problem Winking Face


Unfortunatelly I don't have much time but I should add some important things as well.


I saw some new featerus like STAMINA clock which is small but important feature like small  the Lip on top of the Z3+ that prevents sliding Winking Face Which is very good made me want to use Stamina mode once again. Because I believe these small touches from engineers are key for success.


-About device performance in 5.0.2. Lolipop

Device performance is interestingly very good Grinning Face! It's so good that I thought Sony mixed up the devices and put Z1 or Z2 codes and overclocked the Z XD I mean really device gets hot IF you don't have any internet connection ( wi fi or mobile), and waiting in the appdrawer. Seriously there is something wrong with the battery life. I thought there was a problem and enter this cite and look some sites in my Language. For me It's not a big problem I have an external battery and I can understand that there could be something wrong with system. But I read comments about so many people talking in my Language and extremely agry with Sony. And If Sony would want to wait causal customers like them to 5.1 update I'm afraid Sony might loose more customers.. THX

Message 43 of 286
Message 43 of 286

Xperia z c6602 severe battery drain by cell standby

The cell standby ( mobile radio ) is.consuming more than 65 % battery ...faar more than screen also After being updated to lollipop 5.0.
Sony pleasee help battery is draining like anything and charging also very slow
A lot of people are experiencing this issue.
Message 44 of 286
Message 44 of 286

Re: Super Fast Battery Drain After Lollipop

Same with me. Cell radio consuming battery like anything
Forum Legend
Message 45 of 286
Message 45 of 286

Re: Xperia z c6602 severe battery drain by cell standby

It has been suggested to re-install Lollipop with Sony PC Companion
One time poster
Message 46 of 286
Message 46 of 286

Re: Battery and overheating problem with xperia Z

I am also facing the same issue.As i have updraded to 5.0 my phone battery is taking 5-6 hrs to charge and draining vary has become very slow.don't know wht to do.please suggest.

Message 47 of 286
Message 47 of 286

Issues post update of Lollipop 5.0.2 update

This is to update that post updating my phone with the new android software 5.0.2 released by sony, i have been facing lot of issues with my Xperia Z phone. Post update phone is getting heated veryuch, battet draining vety fast and also it takes too much time to recharge the battery. Addition to this, have been experiencing issues in Wifi connectivity. At times it drops the wifi network, not able to search the wifi network and it shows error of authentication failed issues even if the password is correct.

Do check and update me for any solution for these issues.
Message 48 of 286
Message 48 of 286

Re: Issues post update of Lollipop 5.0.2 update

If you upgraded your phone withour resetting it, I'd suggest that you do a PC Companion phone repair, this will do a clean installation of the latest firmware and will also wipe your internal memory.

Open PC companion -> Support zone -> Phone/tablet software update -> Repair my phone/tablet (blue link style). Follow the steps given, do not connect your phone until prompted to press volume down while plugging USB cable.

Feel free to kudo this post or mark it as solution so that other users facing the same issue can find it

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Message 49 of 286
Message 49 of 286

Re: Super Fast Battery Drain After Lollipop

Same here with Sony Z, sony please fiX
Message 50 of 286
Message 50 of 286

Re: Super Fast Battery Drain After Lollipop

How do I stop my Xperia Z from overheating?
It seems like it will burst into flames. Help please.