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4.4.2 and 4.4.4 problems for xperia Z,ZL and ZR

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Message 411 of 620

Re: 4.4.2 problems for xperia z zl and zr



I have been going through this thread, and see a LOT of problems after updates.. I dont know I am just plain lucky or what, but since I have upgraded to 4.4.2 a couple of months back (i am in India), I see absolutely NO problems. No battery issue(games/wifi/Data ON, calls, normal usage, 30% left at the end of day). No overheating. Dont see Google Play as top battery drainer.   Just nothing !! 


My running versions are - 

Android Version - 4.4.2 

GOogle Play - 5.0.89

Build Number - 10.5.A.0.230 


The only problem I can see is RAM consumption - which stays at around 60% to 70%.  Still I dont see any lags. So I am not too worried about it as well. 


Changes in Settings > 

1. I have disabled 3G - changed it to 2G - see if it helps ? 

2. Those having issues with home screen lag - modify "animations" setting in Developer Options.  


Apart from above two, I have done no changes in configuration. Have done no resets since I bought this phone a year back. I dont reboot it even for 3/4 days at a stretch.  





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Message 412 of 620

Xperia Z Lagging on 4.4.2.

xperia Z is lagging on kitkat 4.4.2. Please it's a request to Sony too update the software. Please this is a request by me. Please fix everything what's happening on kitkat. The phone also is lagging while receiving calls. Please please please update the software. It was working very smoothly on 4.3. LET IT RUN ON KITKAT BUT PLEASE IMPROVE THE SOFTWARE.
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Message 413 of 620

Re: 4.4.2 problems for xperia z zl and zr

Restart your phone
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Message 414 of 620

xz problem

after kitkat update all things are ok so far but except two.

1. google play services is eating battery [mobile data is off, stamina mode on]

2. there are some lags in the setting menu/slow motion only in the setting menu inside.

what to do?

One time poster
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Message 415 of 620

Sony Xperia ZR issues


Sony Xperia ZR.
I am still having problems with the phone and the performance is extremely BAD.
I went to the service center and they did some useless software resets. NO RESULT ! .. rather even worse now. Somehow they managed to damage my memory card too!
This is a new phone and there are so many problems!
1) Over heating , even when phone is not being used l; When in use, it is ridiculously hot ! 
2) Lots of over heating while using the phone. If I talk for 3 minutes, one cannot hold the phone anymore! It is that BAD
3) Pathetic Battery ! -- draining at 1 % every 2-3 minutes even when nothing is done
4) Message / SMS app is hanging - It just hangs and hangs the phone too
5) VERY BAD Audio - Cannot hear anything clearly or loudly in the phone - from both loud speaker and earphones
6) Very slow
7) Display jumps while scrolling ! -- worse than a local dual core phone!!!
8) Extremely bad performance while moving from one app to the other
9) Battery drain is very high
10) Most calls do not connect or when answered the person on other side cannot hear properly or I cannot hear well.
11) Internet speed is very slow in Wifi too !!! -- 
12) Phone response is very slow
13) Lots of time to restart
Kindly process a refund for me since I am not really interested in running around to the Service Center all the time. The Service Center people are also very bad and do not know anything. They keep arguing for nothing and just do not want to admit that there is a flaw which is SO evident.
I want to solve my issue and get a refund so I do not have to deal with the brand anymore.
Kindly send my email to a Senior official to process the refund IMMEDIATELY.
Gaurav Kamdar
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Message 416 of 620

4.4.2 problems for xperia z zl and zr

i have sony zl it is not workng but it is working when connet to charger when charger is plug out it  it off

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Message 417 of 620

Re: 4.4.2 problems for xperia z zl and zr

even though 4.4.4 is certified for z zl zr and tablet z i think sony makes this buggy software so that we sell our phones and buy the latest flagship just a feeling 


but what sony dont know people get angry and buy different brands 

One time poster
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Message 418 of 620

do not update Android 4.4 Kit Kat for xperia z

hello i am going to update system for mobile xperia z but it is not update please to guide me. thank you

One time poster
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Message 419 of 620

Problems after update

My ZL recently received an update to 4.4.2 over the air from T-Mobile.  Right after the update, the phone stopped playing videos in Facebook and the video camera does not record sound.  I contacted support and was told to reinstall the update using PC companion after saving my data.  I moved all photos, videos and music to the sd card and back up other data using PC companion.  After reinstalling the update, I found that the data saved through PC companion was gone.  Worse,the sd card immediately reported as corrupted.  Why did updating with PC Companion corrupt the card and why wasn't there a warning?  I have a new SD card.and some of the photos had backed up to my laptop automatically (back when I had Windows 7.  I am now at Windows 8.1 and that has resulted in other problems which are best reported on another site).  Anyway, I still can't take video with sound  or play videos in Facebook.  I have restarted the phone, uninstalled and reinstalled Facebook, cleared the cache, etc.  Any suggestions?  

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Message 420 of 620

Reinstall kitkat 4.4.2 in xperia z

after long wait i installed kitkat update for xperia z,but i wasnt impressed with it with the phone lagg issues ive problem is i think i nvr updated my phone properly cause when i go in settings to check my kitkat version it does not show kitkat logo 'K' and phone is laggy.give me step wise instructions to reinstall software along with the backup of phone data.

i need to keep my app data as it is.any help from you all verymuch appreciated

hope u get what i mean to say :smileysmileywink:

ill provide an image of wat i see after u check softwarethis is screenshot after tapping on update