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4.4.2 and 4.4.4 problems for xperia Z,ZL and ZR

Message 311 of 620
Message 311 of 620

Re: 4.4.2 problems for xperia z zl and zr

@Nelson2110 wrote:

@Shravan_sp wrote:
Install this apk. Wait for 24hrs and see if play services still drains your battery.

What is an apk ??? And how to install it ???

APK is a file type used in Android:

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Message 312 of 620

kitkat is horrible in sony xperia z

Need help please!!!
when does sony will provide new updates for other xperia devices other than Austria for 4.4.2 kitkat
One time poster
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Message 313 of 620

SIM Card and SD card ejected since KitKat update

Hi guys,


Not sure if you have this problem on your phones but I have an Xperia ZL and ever since I updated to KitKat, beyond the battery draining problem, the latest problem I have is that the ZL will suddenly eject my SIM and SD card at random times, sometime during a call! I have to forcibly reset the phone to get it back up again, some times with 2-3 resets. Anyone else facing this problem and know a fix? 


I might try a repair update on PC companion but just wanna know if anyone else got this issue too. 

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Message 314 of 620

Re: kitkat is horrible in sony xperia z

Wonderful.. If you are in India and if you are still waiting for the 4.4 Kitkat upgrade for your C6602..Xperia Z device..


The news is .. It's already arrived 2 days ago.. both on OTA and PCC................Check it out...

Xperia Z
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Message 315 of 620

Re: kitkat is horrible in sony xperia z



hi .. any idea how is the xperience of battery drain ? 

finally what is the version of google playservice that we need to keep?


is z is updated with .230 or .233??


what about XPERIA ZL?

Message 316 of 620
Message 316 of 620


I updated my xperia z to kitkat.. Aside from ugly laggy boot animation, i can't locate myself through Google maps.. Seems my GPS not working on this firmware. I already tried purging the GPS data but it's no use. I tried testing the device's GPS on service menu but it takes forever finding the latitude longitude whatever. Fix it Sony, you release faster update nowadays but did you even have a test run it?
One time poster
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Message 317 of 620

10.5.A0.230 update issue in Xperia Z (c6602) --- india

I received a notification that "10.5.A0.230" system updated available for my phone. I connect my phone to my PC ( window 7 X64) with the help of "Sony PC Companion".  after connection it gave me the same update notification .. In few  clicks, it starting downloading the updates . During the download it give me an option to disconnect my phone from PC as it is downloading  it on my PC.. Finally download finished 


After download ,  i connect my phone to my PC and after clicking on update option it open "device software update" window .. update process starts……. 1st  -"Start "> i accept. 2nd "prepare" > preparing my phone for update and shutdown my phone  .. *** Phone doesn’t start after that... m on the 3rd stage**

 Now m on the 3 step ( Fon is still offf) ... and per the information. 1. Disconnect USB cable from PC and computer. 2. battery should be more then 50% 3. ******** TURN OFF THE FON  AND WAIT FOR 5 SEC however my fon is still off on 2nd step. 4. Connect the USB cable to the PC. 5. PRESS AND HOLD THE VALUME DOWN KEY ON THE PHONE WHILE PLUGGING THE SUB CABLE INTO YOUR FON…. I did the same but after that an icon comes in system tray ( in PC) and its trying to load the S1BOOT FASTBOOT drive but its failed . My Phone is still off and nothing happened after this and need to leave the update process and start my phone by press the power key.

Am I doing it worng way or any other solution for this. I google this problem and found some solution but after applying these solutions my phone’s warranty will over  

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Message 318 of 620

10.5.A.0.230 update made the phone slow.

Hey Guys,


This new Kitkat update needs improvement. The phone is kind of slow when compared to Jelly Bean Version. The keyborad is getting stuck sometimes and sometimes the menu icon doesn't show up. It's not smooth as jelly bean.

We waited for such a long time for this update and still the update is not proper and is not expected from Sony. This is not done and expectations are always high from Sony. Please send a fix or performance enhancements for this as soon as possible.

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Message 319 of 620

3 !diot ..story repeated. This time not in Ladakh


1.cutting edge technology introduced, flagship phone every month.


2. new android os verions (with dot and double dot version) with lot of features and tweaks every 6 months.


3. Increased bugdget from $100 to $500 to $600 thinking we can enjoy every minute and get returns what we paid for. Entire world and entertinement and availability in our palm.



From above, I must say i am the 3rd !diot. 1 and 2 (I need not name them but every body who reads know who are they) made fool of customer.


Finally today, we all struggling to get rid of battery drain,  laggy ness , atuomatic restart of phone ( others keep on continue with ...) ... issues so called flagship junks. 




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Message 320 of 620

xperia z lagging

Yesterday i updated to walkmen update but since then my xperia z freezes and works really slow... Not only walkmen but also my keypad freeze ... Please help... Or is it the keypad fault that it fteeze.. Pls help.. I tried factory restore but it didn't work.. Pls help