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If you can't find the answer to your question there please post it here and let the community help you.

4.4.2 and 4.4.4 problems for xperia Z,ZL and ZR

Message 301 of 620
Message 301 of 620

Re: Lag in XPERIA ZL after Kitkat update

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Message 302 of 620

Re: Xperia extremely slow....

did factory reset work ? is phone working fast as in jeely bean ?

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Message 303 of 620

Xperia ZR camera issue



I've been having xperia zr for almost a year now. Everything is fine. however, i'm having camera issue with my xperia zr recently. my phone produce a very "washy" photo. even my old w595 taken with a better saturation and colour. don't know whether it's hardware issue or software issue ? This problem quite frustrated. Kindly help. You may see the comparison as follows.




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Message 304 of 620

Re: 4.4.2 problems for xperia z zl and zr / LIFELOG APP

I don't know if someone from Sony is still reading boards about Xperia Z/ZL/ZR family anymore. I was a happy Xperia Z and Tablet Z owner for a year, until 4.4.2 KitKat upgrade. Now everyone is aware of the battery drain issue, I am not going to tell the same story BUT my great expectation was Google Play Services update to 5.0.84. Apparently nothing has changed. 


I have another battery killer now: Sony SmartBand application LifeLog. Lifelog has been updated to v2 in early July and now it prevents the phone going into Stamina mode. Sony recommends this (lines are from Google Play Store):


To improve battery performance we would advise disabling the transportation detection. To do this go to Lifelog - Settings - Logger. Uncheck the Activities checkbox and you will not get any physical data from your device, only from the SmartBand.


OK.. it seems like there's a solution, right? You're wrong. What Sony recommends is like you are buying a car and you notice that the car is consuming a lot. The manufacturer recommends you to turn off the engine so that the consumption would drop.


I own lots of Sony devices, A99, A58 cameras, lots of Sony Zeiss lenses, a Sony Vaio laptop. Sony MDR-1RBT headphones, a universal remote controller device, Sony USB sticks, Sony USB harddrives and some other gadgets I cannot recall right now. The support for Xperia devices is TERRIBLE! It seems like Sony does not test the new releases and just use us as crash test dummies. 

One time poster
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Message 305 of 620

Re: 4.4.2 problems for xperia z zl and zr

Very unsatisfied with this 4.4 version, regret updating to it but still hope Sony could take these problems into consideration for the next version because if they don't, they're gonna lose lots of Sony consumers trust and confidence in them.. They are:

1. Battery usage and over heating, as mentioned bu the others, I don't have to go on I guess
2. The super laggy home screen and notification section, first I don't get why they split the notification plane to 2 sections, which is so not user friendly for existing Sony users, we're already so used to the one slide only notification plane why change? Second, for version 4.3 the home screen will appear the moment the swipe unlock is activates but has a brief 1sec lag which is not fancy at all.. Please do something about it
3.overall performance drop of all the apps in the phone, never have I experience lag issues before the updates and now having multiple crashes everyday when I open multiple apps at once, if this goes on I'm really going to consider switching to others as this is a big no no for me
4. Lastly, just a minor personal preference suggestion, the previous start up wallpaper/background is way better than this new blue one, it just made Xperia phones looked "cheap", as China brands like oppo and Huawei could have better displays than that I think please do something about it cause I still believes Sony is cool that's why I bought it the 1st place..

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Message 306 of 620

Re: Xperia ZR camera issue

someone help please Thinking Face

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Message 307 of 620

Xperia z c6603 kitkat upgrade problems

Updated the new Kitkat update on xperia z (C6603)……worthless update.
Everytime the light turns off the power button can not get the screen back on it hangs the phone….have to hard reboot it. Phone does not charge after 77%….. stupid update….. have been running it in safe mode….even on safe mode phone hangs every now and then, application like walkman and albums not working…..

How can I get back to Jelly bean!!!!!


Please help what to do

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Message 308 of 620

Problems in build 10.5.A.0.230 - Xperia Z kitkat (4.4.2)

Hello Friends,


I just got 4.4.2 update yesterday (OTA). I installed that from my android 4.3 and was disappointed because 4.4.2 makes my phone more laggy and slower.


When you scroll menus it jurks and hangls little bit. It was not butter smooth like 4.3.

The only change I notice is like below :


1) Notification placement

2) Little UI twicks




1) Lagging navigation/scroll

2) Typeing is not smooth like android 4.3

3) Battery is ok.

4) Camera is not improved at all from 4.3

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Message 309 of 620

a Jelly Bean in hot weather is better than Kit Kat

So yeah all the bugs everybody has been reporting are true to the Kit Kat; overheating, battery drain and restarting loops.


It seems some solutions work for a little while but their probably do to cache clearing... anyway after many pc companion restores, repairs and etc. I've had it and flashed 4.2.2, went to sleep with 100% battery woke up with 96%... no restaring no overheating for 3 days so far.


I suggest you do the same also, before it gets hot out and that battery blows or ruins your phone.



*not responsible for any damage caused by the use of flashtool and or flashing the phone yourself

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Message 310 of 620

Re: 4.4.2 problems for xperia z zl and zr

@Shravan_sp wrote:
Install this apk. Wait for 24hrs and see if play services still drains your battery.

What is an apk ??? And how to install it ???